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The Trailer For The Wachowskis' JUPITER ASCENDING!

Nordling here.

At this point, I'm down for whatever story the Wachowskis want to tell.  Time has not diminished CLOUD ATLAS; it's still a wonderous achievement.  The Wachowskis tell stories I want to experience, and their worldview is one I can fully embrace.  I also admire that they're telling original science fiction stories again.  We need their unique voice in genre cinema right now, and while time will tell if they manage to hit the same level that they did with THE MATRIX films, I have high hopes for JUPITER ASCENDING.

This trailer is just a brief taste; it appears that they are telling a story on a grand scale, spanning multiple worlds, but it starts here on Earth, as Jupiter (Mila Kunis) is suddenly a pawn in a game of high galactic intrigue, and must be protected from evil forces by Caine (Channing Tatum), a hybrid creature sworn to aid Jupiter at all costs.  JUPITER ASCENDING opens July 25, and I can't wait.  Here's the trailer:

Nordling, out.

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