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Harry's 49th Picks & Peeks of 2013: OCTAGON, THE WOLVERINE, more Ninjas, Serpico & Saturn 3, NASHVILLE & more!

Hey folks, Harry here with the 49th Picks & Peeks of 2013! This is a very long week. Makes up for the light release week from last Tuesday! Lots of good gift sets for the cinema geek in your life? There’s some sets to get folks started down the glorious unending rabbit hole of film addiction! As usual, the images and links take you to Amazon where you can gleam more info about the title in question, but if you feel a need to own, if you buy through our link, a small percentage of the price goes to support the continued efforts for this column. So thank you. Getting ready to start the eleventh year of this column, all of which are gathered and organized in the fun app we have for Android and iDevices at PicksAndPeeks.Com - check out the nifty features, my fave of which comes when you shake the app! Giggle. Now, enjoy the column… Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013


Very definitely the edition to buy, but not without issues. For one, I really wish Fox would have gone through the hoops to do the Extended cut of THE WOLVERINE in 3D. Yes, it is costly, but then you end up with editions like this, where if you love 3D, you can’t watch the best version of the film, which is the extended version. Almost all the extendedness comes packaged in the midst of the rather awesome Ninja fight. I can’t imagine ever watching the theatrical cut… except to check the film out in 3D, but I’ll always be a bit disappointed. You will get a tour of the DAYS OF FUTURE PAST set on the standard Blu Ray. Then on the Extended Cut Blu Ray packaged in here you get the Audio Commentary – and the 3D version on that disc. Personally, this all should have been handled better. There’s a lot of extras, but they’re scattered. Not a very organized edition. Now – I know, I sound down on it, but actually, I’m quite fond of the film, especially the extended cut. Even if the films are still always holding back. I tell ya, they should unleash Takeshi Miike on this.


Didn’t get sent one of these to review, but it comes with the regular edition Blu Rays of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, X-MEN, X2: X-MEN UNITED, X-MEN: THE LAST STAND and THE WOLVERINE. It does not come with the extended edition or the film in 3D. SO – if you want WOLVERINE Extended Edition, you’d have to buy that separately. So weigh the option carefully.


Ya know… if they stayed in the Smurf world – and had no interactions at all with any real world people outside of Gargamel… I might be able to enjoy these without reservations. I do prefer this one based almost completely upon the location shift to Paris, which is just a better backdrop. BUT I do hope that the 3rd film takes place solely in the Smurfiverse. 3D does vastly improve the novelty of the film, whereas flat… it just lays there looking pathetic cuz it really is designed as a 3D movie and those type of visual gags only work in 3D. Flat, they remind you… oh yeah, this is supposed to be 3D. As for a redheaded protoSmurf… nightmares man. Like the TRANSFORMERS series of films, I just wish the studios believed in the strength of the characters to tell a story without ham-handed worthless “NORMALS” being peppered through to make something intrinsically special more merely ordinary blah. The Second Screen app for this disc is pretty fun for kids

NASHVILLE Criterion Blu

I’ve had such a complete experience with Altman’s NASHVILLE. This was a film that my parents drug me to when it came out. It was lost on me. My parents loved Altman, but I found him unworthy of note until he tackled POPEYE. But then, I was the right age for that thought line. I revisited the film in the late eighties when it was screened at one of my Film Appreciation classes I took. The film professor was in mad love with Robert Altman. He believed Altman was Cinema. I thought he was pretentious and a tad insufferable. But then, I was young – I had very definite ideas of “What a movie is supposed to be like!” Altman movies will chew you up and spit you out if you think like that. Then, I rediscovered Altman with my father and it was all at once that I realized Altman captured NASHVILLE. He didn’t shoot it. He observed Seventies Nashville… he created a place and time and a populace that fills it. It is very definitely a bit of a Canterberry Tale… and so not. NASHVILLE isn’t a movie to consider lightly and prepared to change opinions from viewing to viewing. Different things will resonate differently with you with each viewing. Incredibly textured. Now the physical transfer – EXQUISITE. The film has never looked or sounded better. THE MANKING OF NASHVILLE is a feature length doc that was produced by Criteriron for this edition and it is an absolutely fantastic doc. It is very revealing into Altman’s method by which he shot NASHVILLE and features the cooperation of many of the original cast and crew. Then there’s 40 minutes of interviews with Altman running from 1975 to 2002. There’s the old Altman film commentary on here, and several other treasures… Criterion does a great honor to another classic film!!!

SATURN 3 Blu Ray

If you love film – you have to love SATURN 3 – because it is only in this crazy business – where you’d find Stanley Donen (director of SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN, FUNNY FACE & CHARADE) making a psychotic horny robot on the loose movie with a 64 year old ass-hanging-out Kirk Douglas banging 33 year old Farrah Fawcett with a repressed Harvey Keitel peeping and popping pills. SATURN 3 is bugnuts insane in most WHAT THE FUCK manners. This movie defies existence. Doing a very pre-TERMINATOR hunter killer robot. As the movie plays, it dares to get increasingly weird. Everyone is bizarre, the look is weird and psychological twists and turns are… wacky. BUT here’s where it really gets crazy… This is a crazy film, but because of the genre – we’ve got one helluva sweet disc from SHOUT! It looks and sounds great. Particularly Harvey Keitel – who was dubbed throughout the film by Roy Dotrice. There’s an interview with Roy about that process. We get a great interview with Colin Chilvers talking about the practical effects work in SATURN 3! There’s additional scenes! Including the infamous Ecstasy Scene!!! And a Fan commentary that’s actually quite fun. SATURN 3 done better than could have been expected! Yippee for SHOUT!


SERPICO – this is one of those just great iconic Al Pacino roles. Sidney Lumet directed one helluva film here. This is what films in the Seventies looked like, they were hard, brilliantly acted, sharply written and they didn’t talk down to their audiences. They were tough. Just the way the film tells the story, “Let’s begin with our hero shot in face bleeding out!” Fucking A! Then we’re in a flashback, but … man, you just need to see SERPICO, you can’t have someone tell you the story. It has to be experienced. Now for the good news… The print and sound are great. The extras are unfortunately the same ones from the old DVD at that same resolution. Would have been nice to have Paramount really do something great with this release. It is one of their great films. Worth getting for the film alone, but I would upgrade for a quality Blu!


As the James boys we have Tyrone Power as Jesse and Henry Fonda as Frank James. With that dastardly John Carradine playing the coward, Robert Ford! Film cuts the Youngers out of the story altogether, which is a helluva choice, but it’s a class production. You’ve got greats like Randolph Scott and Henry Hull and Brian Donlevy and Ming the Merciless backing them up. Released in what many consider to be one of the greatest years of cinema ever, 1939. It is one helluva year – but 1938 and 1940 are pretty astonishing too. I find that sort of thing less important. Really, what ya gotta love about a film like this is the great cast and the myth-building on Jesse James. However, my favorite James story is Walter Hill’s THE LONG RIDERS. This is great – and does have Lon Chaney Jr as a gang member… But riding through the plate glass window on horseback… jesus Walter – that was amazing! The film was shot in Missouri which was a big deal as so many films were just shot on the backlot in those days. The production is just gorgeous though. You will be captured from beginning to end. Tyrone Power had crazy charisma and he was fully shining here. A huge Hollywood production. Fox did not send product for review, so I can’t tell ya a damn thing about the Blu though. This was followed in 1940 with THE RETURN OF FRANK JAMES starring Henry Fonda! Wish they’d both been released today.

ARGO: THE DECLASSIFIED Extended Edition Blu Ray

It won Best Picture and the Blu Ray was already in our laps… this is the victory lap edition. The extended edition is 10 minutes longer than the theatrical cut – and you’ll barely notice. Nothing jaw dropping… No great scene of Jack Kirby talking to John Chambers… No dream sequence of the fantasized ARGO playing in theaters… Glad I saw it, I’ll probably show it to a couple of friends, but I wouldn’t call it a significant Extended Cut. It was the Best Picture as was and still is. There’s also about an hour of extras on here, but they all feel bite sized. I could listen to Tony Mendez talking about his career with the CIA all day and night. So the 11 minute feature feels light. But here’s the thing, it is a better edition than what we already have, it still has all that original content as well as the original theatrical cut. PLUS your deluxe Victory Lap edition comes with a 64 page BTS hardback book, a big ass map with scene notes drawn on it. Just in case you ever want to take the Argo tour in Tehran some time. You get a replica Tony Mendez ID Badge, so you can pick up the sex of your choice and play mysterious just like Ben Affleck does with his badge. I dig the 1979 ARGO art miniposter and the CIA confidential envelope. Here’s the thing though… rewatching ARGO was such a pleasure. I still dig the hell out of this movie. And I can’t wait to see what Affleck does with Bruce Wayne/Batman. Look at this Affleck, look at THE TOWN, check out his Malick film. The man is kicking ass & he’ll own us. If not, we’ll fucking hound him for the rest of his life being bitter and angry and dissatisfied. Man, I hope he kicks ass.


If you want to know what my High School life was like… combine TERMS OF ENDEARMENT, FOOTLOOSE & WAR GAMES & LONE STAR and it vaguely begins to take shape, but TERMS OF ENDEARMENT works on me cuz those years in High School, were spent just 40 miles from Archer City, where Larry McMurtry calls home. His novel really captures the women that were my teachers and parents of kids I knew. Less so in James Brooks movie… though the big hair is fully in place. However, this is a great adaptation… even won an Oscar for the adaption work, as well as director, picture… and of course Smilin’ Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine took home the golden svelte one. That said the movie gets better with every experience you gain. The film is emotionally complex and the décor reminds me of my Great Grandma’s place. The film looks and sounds great – and there’s a commentary with Brooks and associates. Personally I want to get Jack and Shirley lit and talking through the film. Am I right? You can avoid the sequel EVENING STAR... it is not up to snuff.

ANCHORMAN: THE LEGEND OF RON BURGUNDY (Unrated Rich Mahogany Edition Blu Ray)

I’m of the opinion that the first theatrical cut of ANCHORMAN was just perfect. Absolutely fucking hilarious stuff. The stuff to build a cult of ANCHORLYTES that have campaigned endlessly for a sequel. Now… we boldly stand at the precipice of all our hopes and dreams being unleashed with ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES… and we wonder, will it’s A-Game be as great as that original theatrical cut? I can’t wait to see how those magnificent bastards have faired. News has gone to the birds with the 24 hour cycle – and is rife with severely hilarious comedy potential, but can it be as sharp and biting as THE DAILY SHOW – which nails that shit regularly. Now the main thing is – while you get every version of the film on this release… if you don’t get this, you won’t have Ron Burgundy’s 32 page Diary which taught me so much about how to be a MAN. Reading the internal thoughts of a man like Burgundy…. Well, you know the saying… priceless!


I watched this, then handed it off to my nephew to take home. This is a CG animated team up pic featuring IRON MAN and HULK fighting at first the Abomination and then Zzzax, who is the big baddie. Now, the story kinda blows. And the animation is at times… “really neat” to “extremely limited” and ultimately “disappointing.” Everything looks rendered cheaply – and the lack of real character animation makes it look stiff and without emotion. Obviously I watched it though. Hell, I watch all Marvel animated things… always will… But I really want Disney to do A+ animated Marvel films – this is filler till they get serious and I’m fine with that, but they’re missing out on big money and possibly training its audience to expect mediocrity from their star brands. That would be a bad thing.


The complete HANGOVER TRILOGY with a special Documentary limited to this packaged edition, but that’s the only real newness on this release. I’ve a suspicion that fans of THE HANGOVER trilogy will get a really cool edition. This is a bit of a cash grab for a doc release. You will see a better release on this title. I just believe it, Legendary can do better than this.


What a revelation! This is why Criterion just owns me from title to title. For one, this is not only a Best Foreign Language Oscar winner, but The Grand Prize winner from Cannes!! Not only that, but it has just a jaw-droppingly brilliant concluding act of cinema. Remember Gian Maria Volonte from FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE & A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS? Sure you do! Here, he’s a sadistic police inspector. Though the Sadism is used in his personal life with a woman that’s his willing masochist. This film goes places, swirls sexuality and violence into a psychedelic brilliant feature. The Blu Ray is gorgeous and comes packed with over 3 hours of extra content including a feature documentary on Italian director Elio Petri that is quite captivating. Then the 55 minute doc on Gian Maria Volonte!!! Wonderful, such a treat for those of us that followed him from Leone to Melville and now Petri! I fucking love cinema! Such a great movie!


Fox didn’t send this disc either, but I’ll be damned if I don’t point out that here’s a great Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn team up. Their penultimate collaboration before their final brilliant team up in GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER! Set in 1957 and they’re going toe to toe over the computerization of a TV network’s research department. Aren’t you at the very least curious to fuck what that meant in 1957? I mean, today… fuck it is all computers. It was written by Nora Ephron’s parents. These two… together… it’s something that cinema blessed us with. I mean, that rooftop lunch is just… soooooo good. Just the back and forth – it’s just so great. They surprise, delight and infuriate one another as only people you love can. Definitely worth checking out – all of the Hepburn and Tracy collaborations are musts!


Have you ever seen Carmen Jones in a theater in 35mm Cinemascope? I have and it is an experience that too few will ever get. The next best way to see it is on Blu Ray. Fox also didn’t send this disc – and right now, I’m just hoping against hope that it is perfect! I can’t imagine a soul having a problem with this film. It’s amazing. But then, I’m someone that just worships at the altar of Harry Belafonte – and find myself with not nearly enough movies starring the man, who is just amazing on camera. Then you have Dorothy Dandridge in the title role and she’s AMAZING. Check out the young Brock Peters! It won the Golden Globe for Best Musical/Comedy when it came out and grabbed a pair of Oscar noms for BEST MUSIC SCORE and Best Actress for Dorothy Dandridge. Can’t wait to score this on Blu!

BATMAN: BRAVE & THE BOLD Complete First Season Blu Ray

While I flat out love the original BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES (and am still waiting for a complete BLU release for that series) – that love does not blind me from different animated iterations of the character. Cuz I love the slightly goofy, but awesome “silver-age” take on BATMAN and applaud it for keeping the spirit of the old BRAVE & THE BOLD team-up stories – and allowing the series to embrace the wonderful awesome weird world of DC COMICS! You see – BATMAN need not tonally be one thing. Brooding and insufferable. This show dares to show Batman with a smile from time to time. I mean, when you’re dealing with Bat-Mite it is appropriate. But when you’re teaming up with DEAD MAN and going after the Gentleman Ghost… perhaps less so. Heh. Or having Batman team up with Adam Strange for a MYSTERY IN SPACE!!! Or paling up with Kamandi versus Gorilla Grodd!!! Bliss, man! Having perfect Blu copies will offset my paranoia of them leaving Netflix some dire day in the future!


William Wellman’s CALL OF THE WILD is more apt than Jack London’s CALL OF THE WILD. But while the film and the book pursue different material, I love Gable’s CALL OF THE WILD! Fox’s bundle of titles didn’t arrive, but the DVD on this title left a lot of room for improvement. This is seriously one of the best Macho roles of Gable’s career. Hope this is a great transfer!


My personal favorite Chuck Norris movie is SILENT RAGE followed by LONE WOLF McQUADE, but then… I just love THE OCTAGON! Norris had better films, but this is pure kid love man! Chuck Norris versus Ninjas at a super cool training facility called THE OCTAGON. It made Geometry cool! Only Chuck Norris could do that. I remember bringing this film up to my Geometry teacher and him arching his eyebrow at me for being the goofy film referencing class bastard… and I’d do it again! AND IT TOTALLY HAS LEE VAN CLEEF!!! The super cool just doesn’t end with this movie. I want my copy delivered by drone first thing in the morning!


This is… just a repackaging of the existing 4 Jack Ryan films in one set priced at just under $35. For that you get the Alec Baldwin, the two Harrison Fords and the Ben Affleck portrayal. I love all four movies. Watching THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER – I found myself missing Sean Connery and wondering what world we’d live in had Alec Baldwin continued with the character and that this Christmas we were seeing the fifth Baldwin Jack Ryan movie. It seemed with Ford that we’d be getting a run, but Paramount has yet to really successfully launch an extended series, rather than a series of adaptations and stand alones. The Harrison Ford films make me miss my mom. The last film I saw in a theater with her was CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER in Ft Worth. Watching it the other night was like bringing her back to life. I remembered her every gasp and smile. She raved about Willem Dafoe that night. Then there’s the Affleck. I feel actively cheated out of the additional Affleck versions with the character. As for this upcoming Chris Pine film… I’m mainly curious due to Kenneth Branagh’s directing. I bet we get more completely new discs of these and better extras in a super set when this new one hits home video. But maybe not. It’s a good giftset price!

PAIN & GAIN: Special Collector’s Edition Blu Ray

I loved PAIN & GAIN when it was released earlier this year, but that initial Blu Ray release was bare bones. This one has about an hour of special features – but I still would prefer a good Criterion handling of PAIN & GAIN. Each of the special features feel a bit bite-sized. Hardly the inflated super-edition that the box art wants to impress. I certainly wouldn’t recommend shelling out $30 for it. There’s not $15 worth of extras on this. Just being real frank here.


200 films on 50 dvds for under $46. You’re not going for high quality video if you pick up this set. What you’re doing is getting a lot of different types of film. If all you see are the modern releases, but you have an insatiable curiousity of cinema – a collection like this could be just what you need. There’s something to enjoy with all these titles. Before you watch the titles, seek out information on the films. Try to understand the era in which they were made – but I tell ya there are titles in here that will surprise the hell out of you. So, how adventurous are ya? Here’s everything in the box:

Absolution - 1978

African Safari - 1968

Alien Contamination - 1981

Alien Species - 1996

House of the Dead, The (AKA: Alien Zone) - 1978

All the Kind Strangers - 1974

Almost Hollywood - 1994

Alpha Incident, The - 1977

Atomic Rulers of the World - 1964

Babysitter, The - 1969

Beach Girls, The - 1982

Beast from Haunted Cave - 1959

Best Friends - 1975

Big Fight, The - 1972

Black Cobra - 1987

Black Cobra 2 – 1988

Black Cobra 3 - 1990

Black Fist - 1975

The Black Godfather - 1974

Black Hooker - 1974

Blood Mania - 1970

Blood of Dracula's Castle - 1969

Bloodfight - 1989

Blue Money - 1972

Brain Twisters - 1991

Brave Lion - 1978

Breakout from Oppression - 1978

Burnout - 1979

Carnival of Crime - 1962

Cave Girl - 1985

Chain Gang Women - 1972

Chase Step by Step - 1974

Cindy & Donna - 1971

City Ninja - 1986

Click: The Calendar Girl Killer - 1990

Coach - 1978

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride - 1974

Counterblast - 1948

Country Blue - 1973

The Crater Lake Monster - 1977

Craze - 1974

Creeping Terror, The - 1964

Dangerous Charter - 1962

Day of the Panther - 1988

Day the Sky Exploded, The - 1958

Deadly Duo - 1971

Death Machines - 1976

Death Rage - 1976

Death Riders - 1976

Death Warmed Up - 1984

Deathrow Gameshow - 1987

Devil's Hand, The - 1962

Disappearance of Flight 412, The - 1974

Don't Look in the Basement - 1973

Doomsday Machine, The - 1972

Embryo - 1976

End of the World - 1977

Escape from Hell Island - 1963

Eternal Evil - 1985

Evil Brain from Outer Space - 1956

Fighting Mad - 1978

Firing Line, The - 1991

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe - 1940

Fleshburn - 1984

Four Robbers - 1987

Four Shaolin Challengers - 1977

French Quarter - 1978

Fury of the Wolf Man, The - 1972

Galaxina - 1980

Going Steady - 1979

Good Against Evil - 1977

Guy from Harlem, The - 1977

Guy with the Secret Kung Fu, The - 1981

Hands of Death - 1974

Head Hunter, The - 1982

Hearse, The - 1980

Hell On Wheels - 1967

Hellcats - 1967

Horror High - 1974

Horror of the Zombies - 1974

The Hostage - 1967

Hot Target - 1985

House of the Living Dead - 1973

Hunk - 1987

Hustler Squad - 1976

I Eat Your Skin - 1964

I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now? - 1976

Idaho Transfer - 1973

Image of Bruce Lee - 1978

Impossible Kid, The - 1982

In Hot Pursuit - 1977

Indian Paint - 1965

Infernal Street - 1973

Invasion of the Bee Girls - 1973

Iron Angel - 1964

Island Monster, The - 1954

Jive Turkey - 1974

Jocks - 1986

Karate Kids USA - 1980

Katie's Passion - 1975

The Kidnapping of the President - 1980

Killpoint - 1984

Kung Fu Arts - 1978

Kung Fu Kids Break Away - 1980

Land of the Minotaur - 1976

Las Vegas Lady - 1975

Lena's Holiday - 1991

Liar's Moon - 1982

Little Laura and Big John - 1973

Low Blow - 1986

Lurkers - 1988

Mad Dog - 1977

Madmen of Mandoras - 1963

Malibu Beach - 1978

Manhunt In Space - 1954

Manipulator, The - 1971

Medusa - 1973

Mistress of Atlantis, The - 1932

Moon of the Wolf - 1972

Murder Mansion, The - 1972

My Chauffeur - 1986

My Mom's a Werewolf - 1989

My Tutor - 1983

Nabonga - 1944

Night Club - 1989

Night Fright - 1968

Nightmare in Wax - 1969

Nightmare Never Ends, The - 1980

Nine Deaths of the Ninja - 1985

Ninja Champion - 1985

Ninja Death I - 1987

Ninja Death II - 1987

Ninja Death III - 1987

Ninja Empire - 1990

Ninja Heat - 1988

The Patriot - 1986

Pick-up - 1975

Pink Angels, The - 1971

Policewomen - 1974

Pom Pom Girls, The - 1976

Prehistoric Women - 1950

Prime Evil - 1988

Prisoners of the Lost Universe - 1984

Radio Ranch - 1940

Rattlers - 1976

The Real Bruce Lee - 1973

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon - 1976

Road to Nashville - 1967

Santee - 1973

Satan's Slave - 1976

Savage Journey - 1983

Savage Weekend - 1976

Scorpion - 1986

Secret File: Hollywood - 1962

Separate Ways - 1981

Severed Arm, The - 1973

Sextette - 1978

Shadow Ninja - 1983

Shadow of Chinatown - 1936

Shaolin Deadly Kicks - 1977

Shaolin Temple - 1976

Shock - 1946

Sidehackers, The - 1969

The Silencer - 1992

Single Room Furnished - 1968

Sister-in-Law, The - 1974

The Skydivers - 1963

The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane - 1975

Snowbeast - 1977

Spare Parts - 1979

The Specialist - 1975

Spirits of Bruce Lee - 1973

Stanley - 1972

Star Odyssey - 1979

Stepmother, The - 1972

Superchick - 1973

Teacher, The - 1974

Terrified - 1963

Terror - 1978

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn - 1972

Terror in the Jungle - 1968

Throw Out the Anchor! - 1974

Tiger Love - 1977

TNT Jackson - 1974

Tomboy - 1985

Top Cop - 1990

Trauma - 1978

Treasure of Tayopa - 1974

Trip With the Teacher - 1975

Van, The - 1977

Van Nuys Blvd. - 1979

The Virgin Queen of St. Francis High - 1987

Voodoo Black Exorcist - 1973

Weapons of Death - 1981

Weekend Pass - 1984

Weekend with the Babysitter - 1971

Wild Rebels, The - 1967

Wild Riders - 1971

Wild Women of Wongo - 1958

Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold - 1984

The Young Graduates - 1971

TALES OF TERROR – 200 Classic Horror Movies

This set gives you 200 Horror Movies (with a fair share of quality mysteries and a couple of noirs) but this set is definitely a much better selection of titles than the previous, and while all 200 titles fit snugly on the 50 DVDs on this set… again, this isn’t about visual quality, it’s about a quantity of really great genre flicks from the silent era through the early eighties. There are films here that I just flatly love and have loved my entire life. Making your way through this set will definitely give you a whole lot of great titles to talk about, write about and share with friends. Here’s everything you get:

Alien Zone (1978)

The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

The Amazing Transparent Man (1960)

Anatomy of a Psycho (1961)

The Ape (1940)

Atom Age Vampire (1960)

Attack From Space (1964)

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

The Bat (1959)

The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)

Bell from Hell (1973)

Black Dragons (1942)

The Blancheville Monster (1964)

Blood Sabbath (1972)

Bloodlust (1959)

The Bloody Brood (1959)

Bloody Pit of Horror (1965)

Bluebeard (1944)

The Body Beneath (1970)

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)

A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937)

Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937)

Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938)

Bulldog Drummond's Peril (1938)

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge (1937)

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (1939)

Carnival of Souls (1962)

The Corpse Vanishes (1942)

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride (1974)

Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961)

Crimes at the Dark House (1940)

The Crimes of Stephen Hawke (1936)

Crucible of Horror (1970)

Curse of Bigfoot (1978)

Dead Men Walk (1943)

Death in the Shadows (1985)

Death Rage (1976)

Death Warmed Up (1984)

Dementia 13 (1963)

The Demon (1979)

Detour (1945)

The Devil Bat (1940)

Devil Times Five (1974)

The Devil's Hand (1962)

The Devil's Messenger (1962)

The Devil's Nightmare (1971)

Devil's Possessed (1974)

Doctor Jekyll and the Werewolf (1972)

Don't Answer the Phone! (1980)

Doomed to Die (1940)

Double Exposure (1983)

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)

Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon (1972)

Dressed to Kill (1946)

Drive-in Massacre (1974)

The Dungeon of Harrow (1962)

The Eerie Midnight Horror Show (1974)

The Embalmer (1965)

End of the World (1977)

Evil Brain from Outer Space (1956)

Fangs of the Living Dead (1969)

The Fatal Hour (1940)

Frankenstein 80 (1972)

Funeral Home (1980)

The Fury of the Wolf Man (1972)

The Ghost (1963)

The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

The Gorilla (1939)

Grave of the Vampire (1972)

Great Guy (1936)

Green Eyes (1934)

Guru, the Mad Monk (1970)

Hands of a Stranger (1962)

Hands of Steel (1986)

Haunts (1977)

The Hearse (1980)

Horror Express (1972)

Horror Rises from the Tomb (1973)

Horrors of Spider Island (1962)

The House by the Cemetery (1981)

House on Haunted Hill (1959)

The House That Screamed (1969)

How Awful About Allan (1970)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)

I Bury the Living (1958)

I Eat Your Skin (1964)

The Incredible Petrified World (1957)

The Indestructible Man (1956)

Invisible Ghost (1941)

It Happened at Nightmare Inn (1973)

Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Keep My Grave Open (1976)

The Killer Shrews (1959)

King of the Zombies (1941)

Lady Frankenstein (1971)

Land of the Minotaur (1976)

The Last Man on Earth (1960)

Last Woman on Earth (1960)

The Legend of Big Foot (1976)

The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

The Long Hair of Death (1964)

The Mad Monster (1942)

Man in the Attic (1953)

Manfish (1956)

Maniac (1934)

Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

The Manster (1962)

Medusa (1973)

Messiah of Evil (1972)

Metamorphosis (1990)

Metropolis (1927)

Midnight Manhunt (1945)

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet (1967)

The Monster Maker (1944)

The Monster Walks (1932)

Monster (1979)

The Moonstone (1934)

Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939)

Mr. Wong, Detective (1938)

Murder At Midnight (1931)

Murder at the Baskervilles (1937)

Murder By Television (1935)

The Murder Mansion (1972)

Murder With Pictures (1936)

Mutant (1984)

My Mom's a Werewolf (1989)

The Mysterious Mr. Wong (1935 )

Mystery Liner (1934)

Naked Massacre (1976)

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave (1971)

Night Fright (1968)

Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

Night of the Blood Beast (1958)

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Nightmare Castle (1965)

Nightmare in Wax (1969)

The Nightmare Never Ends (1980)

Nosferatu (1922)

Oasis of the Zombies (1981)

One Body Too Many (1944)

The Oval Portrait (1972)

Panic (1982)

A Passenger to Bali (1950)

The Phantom Creeps (1939)

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues (1956)

The Phantom of the Opera (1925)

Point of Terror (1971)

Radio Ranch (1940)

The Revenge of Doctor X (1970)

Revolt of the Zombies (1936)

The Sadist (1963)

Satan's Slave (1976)

Scared to Death (1946)

Scarlet Street (1945)

Scream Bloody Murder (1975)

A Scream in the Night (1935)

The Screaming Skull (1958)

The Severed Arm (1973)

Shadow of Chinatown (1936)

The Shadow: International Crime (1937)

The She-Beast (1966)

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon (1943)

A Shriek in the Night (1933)

The Sign of Four (1932)

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)

Sisters of Death (1977)

Slashed Dreams (1974)

Snowbeast (1977)

Stanley (1972)

Star Odyssey (1979)

The Stranger (1946)

A Study in Scarlet (1933)

Swamp Women (1955)

The Tell-Tale Heart (1960) Laurence Payne

Terror (1978) John Nolan

The Terror (1963) Jack Nicholson

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn (1972) Linda Gillen

Terror By Night (1946) Basil Rathbone

Terror Creatures from the Grave (1965) Walter Brandi

Terror in the Jungle (1968) Robert Burns

They Saved Hitler's Brain (1963) Walter Stocker

The Thirsty Dead (1974) Jennifer Billingsley

The Ticket of Leave Man (1937) Tod Slaughter

Too Late For Tears (1949)

Tormented (1960)

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)

The Undertaker and His Pals (1966)

The Vampire Bat (1933)

The Vampire's Night Orgy (1973)

War of the Robots (1978)

Warriors of the Wasteland (1983)

Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory (1962)

The Werewolf of Washington (1973)

The Werewolf vs. Vampire Women (1971)

Werewolf Woman (1976)

White Zombie (1932)

The Witches Mountain (1972)

The Woman in Green (1945)

The World Gone Mad (1933)


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