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Judd Apatow to Direct TRAIN WRECK!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Earlier this summer, we heard that Judd Apatow would be producing a new film based on a script written by comedian Amy Schumer. Now, it looks like he also will be directing the project, entitled TRAIN WRECK.

THR reports that the film will star Schumer as "a basket case who tries to rebuild her life, but still to be found are her boyfriend, a best friend/co-worker and a parent."

Apatow and co-producer Barry Mendel are currently meeting with actors, so while there is no word on when exactly the film will begin shooting, it will likely be some time next year.

I haven't seen any of Schumer's sketch show on Comedy Central (INSIDE AMY SCHUMER), but it just got renewed for a second season and seems to be generating a postive response. It will be interesting to see Apatow collaborating with a new writer. Schumer's script will no doubt have its own voice, and likely one that we are not accustomed to seeing from Apatow's work before. Could be an interesting collaboration.


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