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UPDATE #2 It's A Ongoing (In Progress) Thanksgiving Docback!! The 2013 Christmas Special, Future WHO, Report From London DOCTOR WHO 50th Celebration, And More!!



Glen here... 

Thursday marks the beginning of a Holiday weekend here in the States.  I’ll be juggling family and life stuff over the next few days, so I thought I’d go ahead and open a post-50th Docback for your amusement and consideration and participation.  

I WILL LIKELY BE UPDATING THIS PIECE - so consider this something of a rolling Docback & be sure to check back over the next few days for potential content (including a report from the recent 50th celebration in London).





The Time of the Doctor.  Presumably it’ll transmit on Christmas Day, as previous DOCOTR WHO Christmas Specials have.  TOTD will see the full insertion of Peter Capaldi’s forthcoming (regenerated from Matt Smith) Doctor into the mythos.  BBC has released a promotional poster/image for the story…


DOCTOR WHO: The Time of the Doctor promo image


...and here’s the first teaser.  





Moff via DigitalSpy.  Spoilery if you don't know the plot of The Day of the Doctor.  

"He has the possibility of going home - he can find Gallifrey - but it might take him a while, who knows? And who knows what he'll do when he gets there? Get bored and run away again, I would think! But he has a mission statement.


"It's not like we'll spend every episode saying, 'I nearly found it!' - we absolutely will not do that - but it gives him somewhere to go. The Doctor doesn't know he's a character in a television show - he doesn't know he's having adventures for our entertainment - he's got to have something to do and that will be the thing he does."


 4:08 PM CST USA - 26 NOVEMBER 2013 


So many smiles.  So many guest appearances.  So much heart.  An important companion piece to The Day of the Doctor in a special and lovely way...





10:45 AM CST USA - 27 NOVEMBER 2013  


...and was kind enough to send back some thoughts from the event.  We deeply appreciate his time and effort - here's some perspective from his amazing experience!  




Greetings from London!

What a fantastic day - truly the Day of the Doctor. So happy I was able to fly to London for the weekend. The 50th Anniversary Celebration was great:
* Some really good cosplay, especially the younger kids. (I saw some really good doctors - right down to the shoes - and a fantastic weeping angel, all younger than 10.) And they really should have called it the "Doctor Who Fezztival" for all the fezzes that were walking around. 
* DW Stunt Coordinator Crispin Layfield spilled that Matt Smith gets jumpy around pyrotechnics. :)
* LOTS of waiting in line, but it was all worth it. I got to talk with Peter Davison, meet Carole Ann Ford, and see and hear a number of other Doctors, companions and crew. In fact, I was standing in front of Carole when they announced the exact minute of the first broadcast had arrived. All of the companions signing autographs, including William Russell (next to her) gave each other hugs and kisses. It was an honor to witness.
* All of the presentations, panels and sessions I got to see were pretty good as well. Of course, the classic and 11th doctor sessions were great (loved to finally see Tom Baker!) but even some of the others were noteworthy. (Nick Briggs is an excellent speaker/moderator!)
* The moderator for the 11th doctor session mentioned the McGann webisode and the crowd went wild. Moffat thanked everyone but was upset about the leaks that forced them to release it early. "I know I'm annoying sometimes, but don't you think it's right that we keep secrets some times?" He's got a point. Of course then he got kidded about the difference between keeping secrets and lying :)
* Another great question (see: Fezztival) to Matt Smith from a little boy in exasperation: "WHY do you like fezzes SO MUCH?!?!" (This after we learned that Moffat apparently scares kids <g>)
There was lots of other great stuff - too much to list here. I do wish I had attended Friday as well - with autograph sessions and the main panels, I wasn't able to attend everything I wanted to.
But the main event of the day was the Special. I wasn't lucky enough to grab a ticket to the showing at the Celebration (darn those time zones) but I did get to watch in 3D at a local theater. It wasn't the Alamo Drafthouse but it was pretty nice. And then the lights went down on the packed room.
The opening extras were great - Strax warned everyone to turn off the cell phone and so on (though...not sure why we needed to be warned not to record the episode), and then Matt and David got the 3D going. (David tried to keep Matt from being shown in 3D - because his chin would "really stick out from the screen.")
<<<<<Spoilers below, of course>>>>>>
Finally the show started and the cheering started right away with the opening credits, the bobby, and Clara teaching at Coal Hill School. It just got better from there. When Capaldi and the other doctors showed up the cheers got louder. And when they heard the Curator's voice the cheers were almost the loudest - only to be topped about 3 seconds later. Such a perfect moment.
I have so many thoughts about the episode itself. It was brilliant. Personally I feel this may rank as one of the best episodes of all time. 
Of course, it's not perfect (what is). I was hoping for a little more original Murray Gold that what we got. I'm not quite sure what happened to the entire Zygon thread. I'm also not quite sure how this changes what we know about the Time War, nor am I sure how loose threads were tied up (though perhaps that will come at Christmas). I also felt the bickering between Matt and David felt a little forced.
But on the other hand we were treated to a whole new direction for Who, John Hurt, our second(ish) regeneration scene in as many weeks, and practically all of our hopes for this episode. Bille Piper -- heck, everyone -- was outstanding. 
So many perfect moments, and the audience appreciated all of them. 
I feel so lucky to have been able to experience this day with hundreds and thousands of fellow Whovians in the city where it all began. It was well worth the trip to experience this one-in-a-lifetime event. Sorry to sound like such a fanboi - I can't help it, I'm still basking in the glow :)
Here's looking forward to the Christmas Special and 2014! Now how do I pull up that Fish(ish) Doctors show....

----->  More to come...<-----










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