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This clip from INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS shows that it's hard out there for an unsuccessful, wayward folk singer!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

It's only two weeks until INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS finally hits U.S. screens, and we have yet another peek at the film via this Moviefone-exclusive clip. Here, we see our titular folksman trying to scrounge up some dough from his record label, run by a crotchety old couple with little-to-no interest in compensating their artist. It's a funny scene with the Coen Bros.' trademark deadpan humor that almost veers into the tonal territory of A SERIOUS MAN.


I was able to see the film last night, and while this scene is charming out of context, it represents my biggest problem with the final movie, which is the fairly significant amount of schtick and banter in what is, ostensibly, a dramatic character study. In some scenes, such as John Goodman's, where his off-the-cuff rambling co-exists marvelously with Oscar Isaac's existential frustration, it works like gangbusters; in others, it feels like the actors (as well as the Coens) should be taking this story a little more seriously.


Regardless, as you can see below, the film does have a bunch of tickling, "Coen-esque" moments, and their recreation of mid-century Greenwich Village is quite lovely. You only get a glimmer of Isaac's terrific lead performance below, but I can assure you, it's nothing remotely dismissible. He comes out of this movie a bonafide leading man (if not simply a bonafide man), and he's the main reason to take this latest trek through the Coen brothers' lens (but far from the only reason).

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS hits the needle on December 6th.

-Vincent Zahedi
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