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Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger brandishing some weaponry in these stills from David Ayer's SABOTAGE!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

The above picture was our first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's badass DEA agent in David Ayer's upcoming SABOTAGE (formerly THE TEN). Today, USA Today has given us more shots of Arnie wielding and firing weaponry, as well as glimpses of a couple of his co-stars, including a corn-rowed Joe Manganiello. I gotta say, Arnold is lookin' dangerous and in charge for a 66 year-old man. Check 'em out.





While I enjoyed them, I was sorta cool on Arnold's last two projects (THE LAST STAND and THE ESCAPE PLAN), and I'm still waiting for his proper "Older Arnie" masterpiece (LEGEND OF CONAN, can I get an amen?!). I like STREET KINGS and END OF WATCH quite a bit, so hopefully Ayer is the guy to balance out Arnold's massive presence and his penchant for self-parody to give us a flick that proves, once and for all, that there's still kickass Arnie movies yet to come.


And he should keep that ink, am I right?

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