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International ROBOCOP Trailer Has Arrived!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

An international trailer has arrived for Jose Padilha‘s ROBOCOP remake. This one has some additional footage, and highlights what could be the more emotionally complex moments of the film - such as Officer Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) waking up to realize that he has been in the hospital for three months and has been placed into a suit of robotic armor.

The interesting thing (and a particular point of trepedation for me) is the fact that Murphy seems to be fully aware of who he is and the life he had before becoming Robocop from the get-go, as opposed to the original film, wherein Robocop retained little knowledge of his identity or previous life. And I'm not sure I'm on board with that. Granted, it looks like it will create and interesting dynamic between Murphy and his wife (Abbie Cornish) and could create some emotionally challenging moments, if done right, but it's definitely changing an important aspect of the character.

What do you guys think?



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