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This clip from 47 RONIN introduces us to Keanu Reeves' Kai!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

We have our first clip from Carl Erik Rinsch's upcoming 47 RONIN, and it shows off what seems to be our introduction to Keanu Reeves "half-breed" character, Kai. We don't get any Keanu dialogue in the clip, just a cool, exhibition-style fight scene with a CGI behemoth (which may very well get some digital touch ups in the next month or so).


The little attention the film is getting, after finally gearing up for release after over a year of delays, is mostly loaded with skepticism, but I'm holding out hope, at least until the film premieres in Japan in a few weeks. This clip has some solid action, so my worries about the untested talents of Mr. Rinsch are somewhat alleviated, but a minute of footage does not determine how the rest of the film will play out.


The PG-13 decapitation kinda bothers me. Is this film going to bend over backwards not to show any onscreen blood, or will they figure out workarounds like the filmmakers did for the more brutal action beats in TAKEN or the BOURNE movies? Not that that'll make or break the film; it just might seem weird to have a samurai film with the word "RONIN" right there in the title that's afraid of a little bloodletting.


Below the new clip is another snippet released a couple of days ago showing Rinko Kikuchi's character engaged in some serious witchery and manipulation. Like the vibe of that bit too. That's one gnarly CGI magic-spider.


I'm genuinely curious, do you guys have high hopes for this one, or have the production troubles and delays soured you on the prospects of this mega-budgeted, American-led samurai flick?


47 RONIN avenge their master on December 25th.

-Vincent Zahedi
”Papa Vinyard”
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