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New Trailer for NEED FOR SPEED!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Dreamworks has released a new trailer for Scott Waugh's (ACT OF VALOR) upcoming car flick, NEED FOR SPEED. The film stars Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall, a mechanic who was framed for manslaughter by an ex-NASCAR driver played by Dominic Cooper. After he is released from prison, Tobey sets out for revenge by entering a high-stakes, underground cross-country race.

This trailer focuses pretty heavily on the revenge plot and the stakes that Paul's character is going up against in his quest for justice, as well as some pretty wicked-looking racing sequences. At this point, this film looks to be playing it pretty straight, as oppose to the FAST AND THE FURIOUS series (which highlight the fun and always have a bit of a sense of humor about themselves). Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - as fun as the F&F movies are, I'd rather this film find its own voice, rather than ape what another franchise already does well.

What do you guys think? NEED FOR SPEED opens on March 14th.



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