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Cinephile Documentary Asks, "WHAT IS CINEMA?" in this New Trailer!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

This is the kind of project that we can all get behind. The Playlist debuted the trailer for what looks to be a fascinating documentary on the nature of film, called WHAT IS CINEMA?

Directed by Chuck Workman, the documentary looks to explore the very nature of cinema itself. The essence of the art form. The intangible magic that results from all of the technical components coming together to create something new. 

The film clips showcased in the trailer were enough to have me entranced, but the interviews are even more exciting. There is something very special to see the creators of iconic films dive into everything they love about the medium. Interview footage with filmmakers such as David Lynch, Kelly Reichardt, Mike Leigh and Michael Moore will be interspersed with archival footage of legends such as Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa and Sidney Lumet (among others).

This doc looks absolutely fascinating. It's a conversation that you begin over drinks with your friends or on your first day of film school and never quite finish, because it's a question with many answers, and distilling such a complex art down to a simple thesis is a near-impossible task - but it's still incredibly fun to delve into once in awhile.

Check out the trailer below. WHAT IS CINEMA? premiered at TIFF in September and will be shown at DOC NYC next week.



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