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Richard Gere Joins Jonathan Demme's OLD FIRES!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Jonathan Demme's new film, OLD FIRES, once stalled out, now appears to be back under way. It was originally scheduled to be shooting this past summer, but hit setbacks when funding didn't come through.

It looks like production is gearing up again, with The Wrap reporting the Richard Gere has signed on to the project.

Heather McGowan (“Tadpole”) wrote the script, which follows a world-renowned architect (Gere) who emerges from a coma in need of both physical and mental rehabilitation. With the help of his snarky female physical therapist, he tries to repair his damaged relationship with his children and win back his wife’s love.

At one point, Bryan Cranston, Jason Segel and Jennifer Ehle were all signed on to the film. No word on weather they will still be involved, or if they have moved on to other projects. No firm start date has been set, but it sounds as though Demme is looking to get started as quickly as possible - hopefully early next year.

It sounds like the story has the potential for some serious emotional weight, but it is being billed as a "dramedy," so I doubt it will reach the levels of soul-crushing sadness that Demme hit with the brilliant RACHEL GETTING MARRIED. I will be interested to learn more as the project goes into production.

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