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Joe Wright to direct a Peter Pan origin story entitled PAN!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

So, is there just going to be a Peter Pan movie every decade or so? Deadline is saying that Joe Wright is in talks to be the next director to bring J.M Barrie's character to the big screen. The film, entitled PAN, will be an origin story that will deal with Peter's arrival in Neverland and his subsequent scuffle with Hook and his pirates. The latest draft is credited to Jason Fuchs, whose sole feature film credit is on ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT. No word on whether it'll be related to the Billy Ray draft that Channing Tatum was attached to a couple years back, but if it is, we should be expecting an older Pan than we've had to date, not counting HOOK (unless Tatum was lined up to play Hook, which would just be weird).


I hope that the plan for a 20/30-something Pan is off the table, because a dark, intense version of the story with child actors being directed by the guy who made HANNA could actually be really cool. I don't know if that's logistically possible, but I think Wright would kill a LORD OF THE FLIES meets PETER PAN-type project.


Either way, I'm curious to see what a Wright-flavored Neverland looks like; I'm not thinking it's going to be much like the period films we've seen from him before. What do you think; is the stylistic touch Wright brings to the table enough to warrant another live-action PAN film only 10 years after P.J. Hogan's take on the character?

-Vincent Zahedi
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