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BNAT15 Goodie Bag: Got Swag to Give?

“Monty Cristo” here. 

An important disclaimer to contributors to the BNAT Goodie Bag in years past: YOU CANNOT SHIP TO THE ADDRESS FROM PREVIOUS YEARS.  It is an actual giant hole in the ground.


That out of the way…the BNAT Goodie Bag is given out to all attendees, as well as theoretical Very Special Guests who appear for screenings during BNAT itself. We want enough extra that we can give bags to the intrepid Alamo Drafthouse staff who endure working long, hard hours while the audience is having fun.

a partial assortment from BNAT13's Goodie Bag

Past years have seen comics, posters, shirts, Blu-rays, DVDs, stickers, game systems, and swag of all kinds included. This year, I’m personally doubling down on pursuing comics publishers, not just the Big Two and Image, but any and all indie publishers. All contributions will be detailed in a post on AICN after the event, and we always vigorously encourage all attendees to talk about their goodies in writeups submitted to the site.

Lando Christmas
one of the biggest hits of last year were these Star Wars Christmas cards from PJ McQuade's Etsy store


If you are interested in corporate sponsorship of any part of the monster that is BNAT (pre-party, the event itself, bag-stuffing breakfast tacos, whatever), please get in touch as well.


Harry StickerFace
the certified lunatic (aka nice guy) who runs made us these horrifying abominations back in 2011


Here’s the rundown of what is required if you plan to send swag: 

1) around 220 (preferably) of whatever is to be sent

2) items must be received by Tuesday December 3rd, 2013 at latest!

3) send me an email now to get the shipping address whether you or your company has contributed to the BNAT Goodie Bag in the past or not, or your stuff won’t go in the bag!

4) use exactly the following subject line to make sure I see it quickly:


We want to make sure that everyone gets what you have to give, but if you can’t make 220 happen, we will take as much as you have to send, so don’t worry.



You have to email me not only so that I know what to expect and worry is missing the week of, but because no address given in previous years will work this year. To be clear as the Eye of Agamotto*:

The address used for shipping in previous years literally marks a portal leading to The Dark Dimension*.

Shuma Gorath* will devour your swag if you ship it there, and The Dread Dormammu* will swallow your soul.

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth*, heed my words and follow every instruction above or your swag's life is forfeit.

Shuma Gorath

BNATers: keep an eye out in a couple weeks for Bag Stuffing Extravaganza details in your email, but expect it to take place the morning of Friday, December 6th unless otherwise instructed! 


*copious Doctor Strange references are used in an effort to impress the multidimensional gravity of my instructions being followed to the letter. I warn you, heed them, by the Vishanti and Omnipotent Oshtur!




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