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A spin-off of THE CONJURING is being developed surrounding the creepy doll, ANNABELLE!

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We knew after THE CONJURING grossed $316 million on a $20 million production budget that there would be sequels. We even got some tips on what the sequel might feature in August. Now, it seems that Warner Bros. isn’t content with just making a sequel to the first film but a new report suggests they want a spin-off too.

Schmoes Know is reporting that a spin-off film, ANNABELLE surrounding the creepy doll in the first film is being developed for a spring 2014 shoot. The first film’s Director of Photography, John R. Leonetti is going to direct the film. No plot details or cast listing has been released yet. Here is some reading on the supposed true story surrounding the doll.

With as cheap as horror movies are to make, it makes a lot of sense to milk THE CONJURING for all its worth. The problem is that what made that doll so creepy is we didn’t know a lot about it. If they dedicate an entire film to it, that might take the mystery away. Plus, Wan already handled something similar in DEAD SILENCE.

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