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The New Trailer For BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Mastermind Ron Moore’s New Syfy Series HELIX!!

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Syfy has ordered up 13 episodes of “Helix,” a new sci-fi series overseen by Ronald D. Moore, who masterminded the SciFi Channel’s 21st century reboot of “Battlestar Galactica."

Syfy expected to start airing “Helix” before the end of this year, but it turns out it’s launching Jan. 10.

A Friday.

The series stars Billy Campbell (“The 4400”), Jeri Ryan (“Star Trek: Voyager”), Hiroyuki Sanada (Dogen from “Lost”) and Jordan Hayes (“House at the End of the Street”) as Dr. Sarah Jordan.

The “Helix” pilot, scripted by someone named Cameron Porsandeh, follows a team of scientists at an Arctic research facility who find themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation.

In 2009 Moore completed an early draft of what evolved into 2011’s “The Thing,” about a team of scientists at an Antarctic research facility who found themselves trying to protect the world from annihilation.

Moore, who got his start in TV on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” went to serve as showrunner on HBO’s “Carnivale” before he masterminded the 2003-2009 “Galactica” reboot. He also co-wrote the acclaimed feature “Star Trek: First Contact” and helped script George Lucas’ proposed live-action “Star Wars” TV series.

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