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D.J. Caruso and Wentworth Miller to take Kate Beckinsale to THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that THE SALTON SEA/DISTURBIA director D.J. Caruso is set to direct Kate Beckinsale in a ghost story called THE DISAPPOINTMENTS ROOM. The former Lycan hunter will play a beleaguered mother (why do the ghosts always pick on them?) who, when confronted with her new house's grisly past (doesn't anyone do any real estate research in these movies?), starts to go batty. As derivative as the script sounds, it was written by actor/STOKER scribe Wentworth Miller, so I'd imagine it would attempt to be as stylistically unique as Miller's Chan-wook Park collaboration was with its "killer in the midst" premise.


Although I was pretty intrigued by Caruso's talents after SALTON SEA, his work since (which also includes TAKING LIVES, TWO FOR THE MONEY, and I AM NUMBER FOUR) hasn't been really awe-worthy. The most exciting aspect of this production, from my perspective, is Miller's script; while it was Park's execution (no pun intended) of STOKER that made the film sing, Miller's work on the film was icy, knowing, and loaded with a sense of flavor that's missing from many contemporary horror films (and, to be honest, several of Caruso's films). If he can create as engaging a backdrop for Beckinsale as he was able to do for Kidman and Wasikowska, then this could end up being a memorable, higher-than-average-brow horror flick.


Or it could be miserable, forgettable dreck like EAGLE EYE. We will see.

-Vincent Zahedi
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