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Legendary announces TRICK R TREAT 2 - I do hope they get a release this time!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I love TRICK 'R TREAT - the original played at BUTT-NUMB-A-THON last time we played the Ritz - and Sam...  he's a Halloween Icon waiting to be properly used.   How Warners handled or rather handicapped the original was a legetimate shame.  But then, Anthology horror has always been mishandled by studios it feels like.  I've talked with writer-director about his ambitions for TRICK 'R TREAT and Sam, many times and I guarantee HE GETS IT!  If LEGENDARY is stepping up to the plate, then I'm hoping they're going to do this right.  Get SAM out there!!!  Halloween costumes, Garden Statues...  C'mon... merch the hell out of that lil bugger.   This is a happy day for Halloween lovers everywhere... Good Show Legendary!!!   Oh yeah, they announced this tonight at the big TRICK 'R TREAT streaming event - here's the picture!

Michael Dougherty has spoken with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY regarding his plans for TRICK 'R TREAT 2: 

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