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What the &#$% is ZOMBIES & SHARKS?

Greetings, all. Ambush Bug here. I’ve got another dose of horror news bits—bite size, just how you zombies like it!

Brand Spankin’ New Trailer for PENANCE LANE!

I’ve got more news for the upcoming film PENANCE LANE from Tyler Mane’s Mane Entertainment. An IndieGoGo campaign is going on as we speak for this film, described as--

The population of Chesterton just grew by one. Crimson Matthews, so fresh from the joint you can still see the cuff marks, just dropped his hitch-hiking boots onto Main Street. His car bomb temper has left a trail of shattered windows and broken jaws but Crimson is ready for a fresh start... perhaps wishful thinking considering his weakness for women in trouble. Chesterton, however, could be a challenge. A ghost of a town since the mine shut down, Chesterton takes care of its own, and Crimson, with his glare and web of tattoos, is definitely an outsider. Then, Father John, guardian of the town's hopes, who owns a dilapidated property on Penance Lane, extends a kindly hand and offers Crimson the job as handyman. Crimson eyes the once-beautiful estate and realizes this is a second chance for the both of them. But when Crimson uncovers something hidden and long-buried within the walls of Penance Lane he unleashes a world of dark secrets and violent intent. With the threat of being dragged into its hellish depths, will Crimson finally learn when to walk away? Or will he drag the town of Chesterton into this nightmare prison greater than anything he's ever known or even imagined?

Here’s the brand new teaser trailer for PENANCE LANE!

CHILDREN OF THE WITCH Short Available Online!

Check out to see the new horror short CHILDREN OF THE WITCH! Every year, Sideshow offers up a new short film and this one is described as; Ashley and her friends have planned for a spooky night in... but are besieged by the undead offspring of a vengeful witch, carrying out a 100-year-old curse. The question of whether the sins of our ancestors come back to haunt us become the crux of this sexually-charged short, brimming with dark atmosphere, plenty of blood, and tons of scares.

Frank Sabatella directed this short which stars Kiva West, Samantha Hahn, Amandine Thomas, and Rana Roy. Click on the link to either download the short with for $1.99 or watch it with ads on the site itself.

While you’re at it, you can check out some of the other choice shorts on the site as well!

CHUPACOBRA Trailer revealed, so bad it’s good?

“Deep in the Mexican desert, special forces track down a lethal killer. Frank Stallone stars in this action/horror/thriller. Half myth. Half snake. All Mexican. ChupaCOBRA!”

With a tagline like that, who can resist? I announced this the other day and now, it looks as if we’ve got a trailer to go with the poster.

Check out the so bad it just might be good trailer below!

Squatch out for this new poster for THROWBACK!

I’ve been covering THROWBACK for quite a while now and it’s got a brand new poster premiering this week.

The film is described as; "Throwback" follows two modern-day treasure hunters, a female park ranger and an unhinged ex-cop as they tangle with a Bigfoot-type monster known as a Yowie in the remote jungles of northern Australia. The film stars Shawn Brack, Anthony Ring, Melanie Serafin, and Vernon Wells of "The Road Warrior" and "Commando" fame.

Being a fan of all things Bigfoot, you better believe I can’t wait to check out this film. You can purchase this one sheet by clicking here and you can find more about the film by clicking here!

INSPECTOR SPACETIME gets a Kickstarter!

The webseries UNTITLED WEB SERIES ABOUT A SPACE TRAVELER WHO CAN ALSO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME also known as INSPECTOR SPACETIME started its own Kickstarter a while back. With one season already in the can, they’re hoping to do another and are in need of your help to do so. They recently released a prequel to Season 2 which you can see here;

And here’s the pitch video for the second season.

New “Never Got Made” File: SKINS (1988)!

William Wilson is at it again with some more sleuthing into the “Never Got Made” file which tells us about films that could have been and sometimes never should have been. This time around William checks out SKINS from 1988. William says it actually started as a potential TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE episode. Director Armand Mastroianni co-scripted with writers Ed Polgardy and Dale Schneck this story about demons from inner earth that take over a small New England town by wearing the human skin of the residents. The FX prototype made was done by Bryan Moore, who recently did the H.P. Lovecraft bust.

Read all about this film that never was by clicking here!

And finally, here’s another submission for the M slot in the ABC’S OF DEATH II competition. This one is a short oozing with Giallo charm from director Ron Stratton called M IS FOR MUTE!

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