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Rare and super cool alternate takes and moments from Return of the Jedi appear online!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm actually writing this while I sit in the Austin Municipal Courtroom with a Jury Panel #3 badge on my shirt. They're selecting the jury later today, but right now all is quiet and all the potential jurors including yours truly are in a holding pattern.

So, I figured I'd throw this pretty great Behind the Scenes stuff up, take advantage of the court's surprisingly good wifi.

The story is that a laserdisc popped up on eBay with a ton of raw footage from Return of the Jedi. The dailies were stored on this format during the making of the movie and somehow it got out into the world and the person who shelled out the big bucks for this rarity is doing geekkind a service by posting up the material via Facebook.

It might be the wifi here or it might be Facebook's awful video player, but I'm having difficulty viewing all the clips. However, I have been able to load a couple and they're fascinating. Hearing Yoda say “Look I so bad to young eyes?” instead of “Look I so old to young eyes,” for instance. That line is so ingrained in me from repeat viewings of this film as a youngster (and not so youngster) that it's frankly a bit like peeking into another dimension where an alternate version of this scene happened.

Click here to check out the Facebook page yourself or click the screencap below. There are multiple videos posted so far that include alternate takes, angles and the beginnings and ends to each take, so you can hear/see the crew actually at work before some of these iconic moments.



Since we're now all in a Star Wars mood, here's some outtakes from the original Star Wars to make your day even brighter:



How crazy is that explosion behind Harrison Ford? They weren't messing around with that first film, were they?

-Eric Vespe
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