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Wedding Planning Websites Will FINALLY Have their Day in the Sun! Fox Acquires THE KNOT!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Wedding are nothing new to Hollywood movies. That momentous occasion in a couple's life has long been a part of storytelling, particularly in romance films and in romantic comedies.

But you know what is missing? You know who  has been unfairly absent from Hollywood films as we know them and could finally use their own movie? The wedding industry. That's right. There are tons of films that depict love and marriage, but the people that actually make that shit happen on the big day? Ignored. The people who tell you exactly what dress to buy and what flowers to get and which centerpieces will make your perfect day all the more magical. The people who turn the choosing of a candle or a flower arrangement  or a cupcake into the most important decision of your entire life. They have too long been absent from film and it's time they got their due.

Deadline reports that Fox has acquired the rights (yes, because such a thing can happen), to the wedding planning The Knot and sister sites The Bump (for expecting couples) and The Nest (for parents).

Their plan is to make a trilogy of ensemble films that sees the characters progress through these various stages of adulthood.

Which is all well and good, but I'm not really sure why they felt compelled to option the rights to make films based on websites when weddings, pregnancy  and parenting have been around long before the internet told us how to plan for all of those things. Hollywood was even making movies about them. FATHER OF THE BRIDE, WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING and PARENTHOOD (among a gazillion others) all happened without the involvement of said websites.

Granted, having the branding of the websites on board may give the series a particular amount of recognition, but will that be enough to pull new people in the door? These films already market to a particular demographic, so will potential viewers be more inclined to head to the theater now that the films have been stamped with The Knot or The Bump name? Time will tell.

What do you guys think?

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