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What the &#$% is ZOMBIES & SHARKS?

Greetings, all. Ambush Bug here. I’ve got another dose of horror news bits—bite size, just how you zombies like it!

2 Exclusive Clips from Tyler Mane’s PENANCE LANE!

Last week, we premiered the poster and info about PENANCE LANE, the new film from Tyler Mane’s Mane Entertainment production company and this week we’ve got some exclusive teaser clips from the film.

And here they are!

Turn up the heat ‘cause this clip’ll make you SHIVER!

I covered SHIVER on AICN HORROR a few weeks ago and though it wasn’t my cup of tea, it might be yours. It did have some great performances from Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN 4, HATCHET 2 & 3) and John Jarratt (WOLF CREEK 1 & 2). Here’s the premise of the film;

The Gryphon is a serial killer with a flair for the dramatic – and a grisly trophy case of victims. But when he sets out to add shy, young secretary Wendy Alden (Harris) to his macabre collection, he gets more than he bargained for. Unfortunately, Wendy’s escape from his first assault only deepens the killer’s twisted obsession – and affection – for her. Always one step ahead of pursuing Detective Delgado (van Dien), the brilliant psychopath penetrates police lines at will, circling ever closer to the target of his deranged fantasies. Until, finally, the only thing standing between Wendy and the Gryphon’s unthinkable desires is her own desperate, indomitable will to survive.

Below is an exclusive clip from the film.

Stallone + Cobra + Chupacabra = CHUPACOBRA!

Though I’d love to see Sly take on the famous goat-sucker, it’s his brother Frank Stallone who is starring in CHUPACOBRA, coming soon from the makers of the Asylum’s HANSEL & GRETEL. With a logline like this; “Deep in the Mexican desert, special forces track down a lethal killer. Frank Stallone stars in this action/horror/thriller. Half myth. Half snake. All Mexican. ChupaCOBRA!”, how can you not want to check this out?

Get filthy with this new MUCK Trailer!

The new film MUCK looks to be a lot of fun and a new trailer for it just hit online. MUCK looks to be a gritty good time and boasts to have no CGI whatsoever and to be filled with practical effects. MUCK will be hosting a special sneak peek at this year’s Stan Lee Comikaze in LA.

Find more about the film by clicking here and below is the brand spankin’ new trailer!

I AM ZOZO introduces itself soon!

Coming soon to DVD and VOD on Nov. 19, I AM ZOZO is described as On Halloween night, five teens decide to liven up their party with some innocent fun: by summoning the spirits. At first, it’s all nervous laughter and scoffing. Then, the night takes a sinister turn: the board reveals truths, exposes secrets it cannot possibly know, and triggers inexplicable events within the darkened house. As the session continues, an entity reveals itself: Zozo. And as the terrified teens are about to discover, once you make contact with this ancient, demonic force, you’re no longer playing a game… the game is playing you. A pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller based on multiple reports of spirit board encounters with this savagely malicious spirit.

I have fond memories of WITCHBOARD and this one has the same kind of vibe. Check out this exclusive clip from the film below and the trailer after that!

This clip is too MACABRE to play at work!

Though you might need to wait until you get home to watch it, this clip from the new film MACABRE by the Mo Brothers promises blood, scares and chainsaws. Bloody Disgusting is presenting this one and I don’t know much more about it other than the fact that I want to see it!

MACABRE premieres on November 1st online and on DVD only through Amazon on November 5th. It’s described as, When a group of friends traveling through the countryside stops to help a young woman, they cannot imagine the nightmare this act of kindness will soon unleash. After accepting an invitation to dinner from Dara, the rescued woman's mother, the night turns into a crimson-hell for the six friends. Trapped in an isolated home in the woods, the friends find themselves hunted down by Dara and her cult-like family of three deadly protégés—each born and raised to systematically eliminate unsuspecting passers-by for one nefarious reason.

Find out more about MACABRE here on its Facebook page and squirm at the clip and trailer below!

Indie horror stills from SLEEPWALKERS (2014)!

From the makers of the short film ROID RAGE (full review here) comes SLEEPWALKERS (no relation to the Stephen King film). This version of SLEEPWALKERS is described as a low-budget, horror/action creature-feature set in the backwoods of Florida. Vague but intriguing as I tend to love me some creature features. This one stars J. LaRose from SAW 3/INSIDIOUS 1/2, and pornstar Dale DaBone from Vivid's HULK XXX, IRON MAN XXX, AVENGERS XXX.

Check out the pics on the right and left from SLEEPWALKERS and look for more info on AICN HORROR as it nears its release!

Some gory new pics from THE DEVIL’S WOMEN!

From the director of WHEN YOUR FLESH SCREAMS! Guillermo Martínez which will be released later this year comes THE DEVIL’S WOMEN described as revolving around Irene, a young woman who is recovering from a brutal beating perpetrated by her former lover. She decides to regain her energy and zest for life which she believed impossible after finding out she had lost a baby due to the multiple injuries she had suffer from the violent act. Her best friend recommends some kind of activity that revitalized her strength. Irene enthusiastic believes she has found the answer in a booklet: theater classes. Once registered into the academy she never imagined being the only student at the mercy of a pair of deranges psychopaths who truly worship women’s flagellation as the solution of sins.

Only just completed, this one is a few months out, but here are some gory pics to satiate your bloodlust.

Find out more about THE DEVIL’S WOMEN on its Facebook page here!

HOUSE OF BAD makes its way to your house soon!

I reviewed HOUSE OF BAD not long ago when it was touring festivals (full review here) and now it looks like everyone can check out this creepy little tale of twisted pasts and even more twisted relationships between sisters when it becomes available on DVD and digital download on December 3rd.

Check out more info on HOUSE OF BAD here and you can find the new trailer below!

Rick Baker shows off some kickass new Halloween costumes at MAC Cosmetics Event!

I got some awesome pics in my inbox from a Monster Mash hosted by MAC Cosmetics and makeup legend Rick Baker and attended by Kelly Osbourne, Slash, Jason Priestley, Victoria Summer, Andy Garcia, Lucas Till and more. The evening celebrated MAC and Rick Baker’s limited edition makeup collection just in time for Halloween and guests came dressed up in full creative costumes. That’s Baker as the golden clockwork king. And I have to admit, Slash and his date look awesome as devils.

Check out these snaps from the event (by MAC/WireImage) on the right for some Halloween inspiration!

And finally, here’s the Chucky Mega Mix by Mike Relm which played before the CURSE OF CHUCKY panel at New York Comic Con. Beware, it is badass!

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