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Rose Byrne may join Melissa McCarthy on Paul Feig's spy comedy, SUSAN COOPER!

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That spy comedy that Paul Feig had written for Melissa McCarthy as their third collaboration together has found another headliner. The Wrap reports that McCarthy's BRIDESMAIDS co-star Rose Byrne, hot off the successful INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2, is in early talks to join the production as a second lead. Details on the film, and her role in it, are scarce, but my guess is she'd play a straight-laced fellow spy for McCarthy (as the title character?) to bounce off of.


Byrne has showed her comedy chops in BRIDESMAIDS (in which I thought her subtle, probably unconscious condescension was a high point) and GET HIM TO THE GREEK, and it's an interesting move to pair her off with McCarthy again. After all, they didn't share much screentime in BRIDESMAIDS, so even though they've worked together, their onscreen dynamic remains unexplored. If they can find the same sort of charming patter that McCarthy was able to achieve with Sandra Bullock in THE HEAT, this could be a similarly worthwhile team-up.


But no matter how this film ends up, I still want my HEAT sequel!!


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