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Behold Zack Snyder & Bruce Timm's Animated Tribute To Superman's 75th Anniversary!!


Superman (as we know him) first appeared in this comic

Zack Snyder and the mighty Bruce Timm (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, BATMAN BEYOND, and the SUPERMAN animated series amongst a ton of other titles) have released their short film commemorating the 75th Anniversary of SUPERMAN (he thechnically debuted June 1 1938, unless you count the character's proto-form appearance in earlier titles).  

Their work is embedded for your consideration below:  


A nifty-seeming book celebrating the big 75 is also coming around soon, and is up form pre-order HERE

Given Hollywood’s propensity to exploit any excuse to release another DVD/Blu-ray variant, I’m surprised we aren’t getting some sort of 75th themed megaset - like they did with WIZARD OF OZ recently? 



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