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John Ary's Aint it Scary Reviews: Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT) On John Carpenter's DARK STAR (1974 )!!

dark star

John Ary with the next installment of this month's Ain't It Scary Reviews.

Today we have one of the leading horror comic writers and the guy who wrote the story and screenplay for 30 Days of Night. Steve Niles talks about the film that helped launch the careers of director John Carpenter and Dan O'Bannon.

On a sad note, Steve's house in Austin was recently hit with a massive flood. Luckily his family and Gil the pet turtle are safe, but his home sustained a massive amount of damage and he doesn't have flood insurance. According to Mike Mignola Steve lost just about everything. Please consider donating what you can to via Paypal and spread the word. Thanks!

And now for today's Blu-ray winner. Congrats to Garrett Solomon for winning a copy of X-Ray and Schizoid from Ain't It Cool News and Scream Factory. For tomorrow's episode, we're embarking on an 80's road trip from hell. Plus I've got a copy of a film Steve Niles wrote up for grabs on Blu-ray. If you want a chance to win Remains, just tweet something about this video series using the hashtag #aintitscaryreviews and follow me on Twitter. I'll pick one tweet at random from the last 24 hours and announce the winner at the end of tomorrow's installment.

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