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HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 almost got Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine to play a "horrible" father/son duo! Pine may still be onboard!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

For anyone who's seen the original HORRIBLE BOSSES, it's obvious why we couldn't expect Colin Farrell to return in the upcoming sequel. Even though he outshined older pros Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey with his nunchucking, cocaine-addled antics, pracitcalities dictate that his Bobby Pellitt would not be making a reappearance, which leaves the question: who could possibly match that level of slam-dunk stunt-casting?


Well, Deadline has reported a rumor that New Line tried to line up Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine to play a father/son pair of awful bosses in Sean Anders follow-up. If you remember, Farrell's dad (as played by Donald Sutherland) was also Jason Sudeikis' boss in the early part of that film, but he was far from horrible. It appears that Waltz isn't going to be able to play the part, but Pine may very well be onboard. It's a shame that we're not going to get some evil Waltz played strictly for laughs (which provided some chuckles in THE GREEN HORNET), but I like the prospect of seeing Captain Kirk 2.0 getting raunchy and nasty, particularly if they ugly him up like they did Farrell. Anyone who's seen SMOKIN' ACES can atttest that he does the dirty, grimy scumbag schtick pretty well, and it'll be a nice contrast to the pretty-boy leads he's been getting since STAR TREK '09.


Now all they have to do is get a guy to play the evil, horrible father character to Pine's dipshit son.



HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 will give you shit on November 26, 2014.

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