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JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT trailer hits... and I'm afraid of Branagh's character! He looks deadly serious!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I kinda can't believe that Tom Clancy has passed on.  The last great flick I saw in a theater with my Mom was PATRIOT GAMES - and - HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER was one of those films that watching it the first time...  it felt so refreshing, so perfectly polished, that it made me read Clancy.   Specifically the Jack Ryan novels.   I really do feel Clancy changed our world with his speculative fiction - and perhaps in some very scary ways...  no perhaps about it.   Clancy's Spy boogie men are always up to really really dire things - and this new launch of Jack Ryan with Chris Pine follows the absolutely riveting SUM OF ALL FEARS, another great Affleck performance - and a great flick from Phil Alden Robinson!  Kenneth Branagh helming it and starring as a really creepy Russian character that I can't wait to see in the film!  I mean, look how solemn that look in his eyes is in this trailer.   He's definitely got a creep factor going.  Wonder if he'll be an ally or dastardly sinister?   I also have a secret hope that James Earl Jones' Admiral Greer would somehow pop up.   Though, I haven't heard a peep suggesting it.   Even if it were just a voice cameo... it'd be crazy cool.   But I'm also hoping that Branagh's concentration on this film is not to be cute with easter eggs, but to just make a great spy flick in the best spirit of Tom Clancy.   Here's the trailer - what do you think?



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