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First Clip from CARRIE Has Arrived - Go to Your Closet and Pray!!!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Screen Gems has released the first clip from the upcoming CARRIE remake. If you've never seen the original Brian De Palma film or read Stephen King's novel, the story is about an alienated outcast (Chloe Grace Moretz) who, upon reaching puberty, discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Also, if you've never read the book or seen the film, you need to remedy that TODAY.

This first clip shows Carrie's hyper-religious mother (Julianne Moore) urging her daughter to go to her creepy prayer closet to beg forgiveness from her sins. The trailer hasn't done much to convince me that director Kimberyly Peirce is doing anything terribly different with her adaptation of the material, but this clip offers a glimmer of hope. While the clip covers the same ground that De Palma tread in the original film, there are some small differences. In addition to the absence of the totally creepy statue, it seems Carrie is unleashing her powers in the home earlier here than in the previous film.

While De Palma's CARRIE is one of my favorite horror films and is without a doubt a classic, I'm still curious to see what Peirce does with the material. De Palma took a pretty big step away from the book in the final act, and while we had that tv movie that stayed pretty close to the source material, it did so with mixed results.

What do you guys think?



CARRIE opens on October 18th.

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