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AiCN Toys: Hot Toys' 1966 Batman & Robin, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Movie) Blade, NECA's Dutch Vs. Predator, Walgreens' HALO 4 & ASSASSIN'S CREED Exclusives, And More!!


John Ary here with a quick look at some toy lines that are making headlines this week. As always click on the photos for an embiggened look and for more information check out the preorder links.  




1/6 Scale Adam West as Batman from Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Burt Ward as Robin from Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Adam West as Batman from Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Burt Ward as Robin from Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Batman and Robin from Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Batman and Robin from Hot Toys

The dynamic duo of Adam West and Burt Ward helped create two of the campiest superheroes in all of television history. The success of the first season of Batman lead to a feature film, which eventually lead to these two new 12-inch figures from Hot Toys. Batman features three interchangeable lower faces, 30 points of articulation, thirteen swappable hands, a fabric costume, utility belt, batarang, shark repellent, big bomb, bat-radio and a figure stand. Robin will sport 30 points of articulation, 10 interchangeable hands, a fabric suit, batarang, bat-radio, bat-cuffs and a figure stand. Both of these caped crusaders will swing into action in April or you can preorder Batman here and Robin here.  





Blade from Blade from

Back in 1987, The Cannon Group brought the cartoonish world of He-Man to the silver screen. Anthony De Longis portrayed one of the standout characters from the film, the villainous sword master Blade. During this year’s Power-Con, showed off its new version of the character as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line. It’s inspired by the original action figure and sculpted in Classics style by the Four Horsemen. Blade will wield two swords and if any of your other action figures need a lashing, he’ll come packaged with a “laser” whip. This marks the first time a character from the 1987 film will appear in the Classics line and hopefully it won’t be the last. Fingers crossed for a Saurod in our future! We have pics of some of the other figures Matty revealed at the show over on  




Predator Two-Pack from NECA

Toys R Us will be the only place to pick up this set featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch and the original jungle predator. These 7-inch scale figures are repaints of previously released toys, but they certainly do make a nice pair. Look for them in October.  





Spartan CIO Walgreens Exclusive Spartan CIO Walgreens Exclusive Spartan CIO Walgreens Exclusive NYC Connor Walgreens ExclusiveNYC Connor Walgreens Exclusive NYC Connor Walgreens Exclusive

Next time you stop to pick up your prescription from the Walgreens pharmacy, take a look in the toy aisle for some snazzy new exclusives from McFarlane Toys. The national chain will soon sell a six-inch version of Connor in his New York outfit. He’ll come with a code to unlock a special set of sails in the game Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Sitting next to Connor on the shelf will be the Green Spartan CIO from Halo 4. This six-inch warrior will come armed with the Designated Marksman Rifle and a special code that unlocks the Bones DMR weapon skin. Look for both of these in October.  




Colin Clive from Distinctive Dummies Colin Clive from Distinctive Dummies Colin Clive from Distinctive Dummies Colin Clive from Distinctive Dummies W

ho is Colin Clive you ask? He’s only one of cinema’s great leading men of the 1930′s. He’s probably best remembered as the doctor from Universal’s first two Frankenstein movies. Unfortunately Clive died of tuberculosis at the early age of 39. Now Distinctive Dummies has memorialized this screen icon with two 12-inch action figures. Both the color and B&W versions of the toy feature custom hand made clothing, a removable doctors gown and artwork by Robert Aragon. Both figures are available on the Distinctive Dummies website. Now if we could just get a Colin Clive / Peter Lorre two-pack from 1935′s Mad Love…  

AND FINALLY THIS WEEK... Sean Long took his video camera to Power-Con this year to get video of's other Masters of the Universe Classics reveals, including the Blade figure we showed you earlier...

That's it for now. For more action figure news follow my toy blog on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the AICN Youtube channel.

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