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Adam Sandler to star in Thomas McCarthy's next film, THE COBBLER!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

I have loved all three of Thomas McCarthy’s directed films so far (THE STATION AGENT, THE VISITOR and WIN WIN) so I always have high expectations when his name is attached as writer/director to a project. It looks like he has finally found his next project as THR is reporting that he will direct THE COBBLER next and that Adam Sandler will star. The film will follow “a shoe man who has the ability to metaphysically step into the lives of the people whose shoes he repairs.”

This is obviously a strange project for Sandler to attach himself to, coming off of GROWN UPS 2. But he has acting talent and range when he wants to put the effort forward. His performance in PUNCH DRUNK LOVE is the best example of this, but I really loved his performance in FUNNY PEOPLE and hopefully he will channel that ability and effort for McCarthy. Production is expected to start in November for a release next year.

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