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Noah Baumbach's next film to be a Dreamworks Animated film entitled FLAWED DOGS!!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Noah Baumbach is following up his most recent film, FRANCES HA with a much more high profile project for Dreamworks Animation. He is currently working on an adaptation of Berkeley Breathed’s THE SHOCKING RAID ON WESTMINISTER which is a children's novel in the FLAWED DOGS series. Bleeding Cool says he has been “secretly” working on the project, but I don’t know how secret that really is, as it was talked about in this fantastic New Yorker piece that was published in April.

While this seems like a weird directorial project for Baumbach, it will be the third animated film he has worked on in the last few years. He had a hand in writing the scripts for both THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX and MADAGASCAR 3. This will be the first animated film he directs but it is obvious he enjoyed both experiences working with animation as he continues to increase his involvement with the medium.

I haven’t seen FRANCES HA yet, but I have liked almost all of Baumbach’s films including GREENBERG and THE SQUID AND THE WHALE so to see him play in a different medium with different themes and expectations will be interesting. It worked out really well for his buddy, Wes Anderson with THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX so hopefully Baumbach will have the same amount of creative success with FLAWED DOGS.

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