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Nicole Kidman's GRACE OF MONACO Trailer Is Sure To Shrivel The Nads O' Many-A-Male!!

Nicole Kidman as GRACE OF MONACO  


This kind of movie does little for me - perhaps if Monaco were invaded by extraterrestrial hordes, or their castle-house-thing were haunted by inter-dimensional hell beasts, or if high-tech Michael Bay terrorist assholes stormed the proceedings?  Then I’d be on-board.  As is, though, I suspect my lady will use this as retaliation for my recently making her sit through a 35mm screening of THE RETURN OF CAPTAIN I’m probably stuck.  

Ah, well, I can always remember Frank Langella - who appears here - in his career-apex role of Skeletor in the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie.  A role which he, by the way, proudly owns.  And he should.  He was great.  And that film holds a special place in my heart (not in a snarky way).  

GRACE OF MONACO opens in the UK on 29 November (Nov 27th in a limited US release) - directed by (LE VIE EN ROSE, MY OWN LOVE SONG).  Tim Roth, Derek Jacobi, and Frank Langella join Nicole Kidman in the title role.  Not a bad cast at all, and the film does look rather nice aesthetically based on the snippets seen this teaser, which you can see HERE.  



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