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Latin-AICN#12, CHAC: THE RAIN GOD, Salma Hayek, THE CANNIBAL'S DAUGHTER, John Malkovich, QUANTUM PROJECT, Walter Salles

Father Geek here with the 12th edition of Latin-AICN. Coffin Joe and Ulysses are back again as is LOBO. By the way, LOBO has found a new cave to have his growing amounts of mail sent to. Address all future mail to: and he'll get it.

Right before press time Father Geek received a message from THE FILM SOCIETY OF LINCOLN CENTER in New York City that may interest you. Mark your calendar if you live in the New York area, for a great motion picture will be being shown at the Lincoln's Walter Reade Theater 2 times on Aug. 16th at 1:30 and again at 6:15. CHAC: THE RAIN GOD is a fantastic film by Chilean Director Rolando Klein and it will be having its New York Premiere. This will be a beautiful restored print of the rare film shot in the Chiapas region of Mexico back in 1974.

It is a story based on Mayan legend. A Mayan tribe is plagued by a severe drought, their shaman is rendered powerless by drink and the villagers appeal to a monk-like mountain dweller schooled in ancient customs for help. This is a strikingly beautiful motion picture of real visual power that affords a glimpse of a world truely unknown to most Norte Amercanos. Somehow this wonderful piece of cine arte fell thru the cracks in the floor of film history and lay unseen by most of the world for decades. Luckily the Lincoln has discovered a mint condition print to share with its East coast audience. Don't Miss This One! You may never get the chance to see it again.

MEXICO y mas...

QUE ONDA !! I (LOBO) am back one more time with a little bit more of news from Mexico and other places, I am preparing a special report on some Mexican movies that I think you will like , I don't promise to have it soon , but for sure I will have it next month , probably in the first week, but for now let's go to this week stuff.....


**** Remember that the movie THE CELL with JENNIFER LOPEZ its almost here, by what I've seen of the movie , it really looks cool and I can't wait to see the entire thing, I specially like the way was edited. Don't forget to go see it on August..

**** The Spanish director CARLOS SAURA is about to make a movie called "Buñuel y la mesa del Rey Salomon",where he is going to show what was the life of these three great characters as friends; Luis Buñuel, Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali. A movie maker, a Writer and a great Artist., that somehow they had things in common and shared ideas.

**** The premiere of the movie "La Gran Vida" with SALMA HAYEK will take place in Spain the 6th of October.


The Mexican director ANTONIO SERRANO the one who did "Sexo, Pudor y Lagrimas" which by the way is nominated for the ARIEL this year, is getting his next production ready to roll. LA HIJA DEL CANIBAL is the name of his next piece of work that will start filming next year, this film is based on a novel by the Spanish writer ROSA MONTERO. ANTONIO said that he really liked the novel a lot and that's what inspired him on taking it to the big screen. This movie is about a couple where the woman notices that after 20 years of marriage , her spouse is a real stranger , that she doesn't know him really and somewhere down the line they get lost in an airport and she doesn't know where or what to look for because for her, he is a total stranger. This sound kind of scary , I mean K'mon after spending 20 years with somebody and not knowing that person, not knowing if they are still the same of if they changed for good or bad, not knowing what they like or dislike, is just creepy sounding and if this is the case then I don't really see how people get married and go through all that time next to that someone you use to know but with the years you loose that person and sometimes I think you also lose yourself. Because of the title it seems that this flick has something to do or is going to have some gore or cannibalism on it , which makes this even worse , just think about it this way , maybe your spouse or companion is a serial killer or someone that goes around the streets raping people or even worse and sicker someone that likes little kids. I really think this novel about to be movie is one more of those flicks that touches one of the situations in real life, people that meet somebody and want to share opinions, things and ideas but somehow later in time all that is cut down on keeping the things,ideas and opinions to themselves and forget about the other person. That is not marriage , that's being afraid of being alone and die that way.. but hey ... if they think a person is safer than a dog .. o well .. live happily ever after. Anyways this movie will be taking place in Mexico City next year..until then .. I'll see what else I can get from this one and I will keep you inform this flick o.k.


The movie "DE LA CALLE" is filming now in Mexico City, having behind the camera the director GERARDO TORT. This guy GERARDO is really using boys that live on the streets to make this film more realistic, which I think is really cool, the plot on this film reminds me of the movie by LUIS BUÑUEL "Los olvidados" that also touches this theme. The film is based on the work of Jesus Gozalez Davila and written by Marina Stavenhagen. Every single thing I've heard about it sound really cool, for example some of the shots are going to be made in real markets and barrios with real people and a little bit of extras , they are also going to show some of the streets that were made barely for one people which make living on the streets kind of dangerous because there is no way you can hide or run away from danger. This flick is about a couple that wants to get away from the streets and want a better future but they have to go through different situations and meet different characters some good and some others very bad, the money and food they get it gets taken away by the bad street boys who rule the streets ,they also see a lot of drug usage, like little kids sniffing glue or gasoline, they get to live under the streets or bridges, inside the sewers where is warmer and safer for them. This is real stuff , this is really out there in Mexico , I've seen it and last time I check there were a lot of kids living this way , I mean kids that start working once they are 4 years old , selling gum, newspaper,cleaning windshields, singing and playing instruments , some others (the older ones) blowing fire <<<--- these are the good street kids the ones who work to get their taco, but there is also the ones who steal and abuse the younger ones, I mean there is kids between the age of 5 and 17 having sex,doing drugs(gasoline,glue,cement), eating leftovers from the trash, kids that also become prostitutes so they can have some food. Some of this is going to be part of this movie and most of it will be real, so in a way this is more a documentary with a screenplay. If you want to see something like this go rent "Los olvidados"(the young and the damned) is one of my favorites...

Later folks, I say ADIOS, and see you here next time Okay... Make sure to send any movie news to my NEW address and I'll post it up for the world to see.

LOBO signing off


Hey Central.Ulysses reporting.

I am running rather light this week, as I've been quite busy putting the final touches to a short story I'm writing for a local contest. But I promise that next week I'll deliver something more juicy, most probably a complete report on our struggling film industry and the thugs that don't allow its growth.

Anyway, this is it, ground zero:

a.. This week, a local animation production called "Los Pintín al rescate" will be released in practically every theatre and next week another animated effort, "Corazon" will also receive the ultra-wide treatment. These two films are overly-ambitious, pain-in-the-ass syrupy Disney imitations that lack either the big bucks and state of the art technology of the latter and the wit and intelligence of such wonderful creations as The Iron Giant and Chicken Run. But anyway, millions of kiddies will surely drag their parents to see these unrelentlessly commercial abominations, while Iron Giant gathers dust in a lost shelf at the local video store (It wasn't released theatrically). Is this our Brave New World?

a.. Argentine art director Eugenio Zanetti, who won an Oscar for "Restoration" and was in charge of "What Dreams May Come", made his directorial debut with "Quantum Project". This is the first Hollywood film produced only for the Internet and since it's release in May, it has grossed more than 70 million dollars. Stephen Dorff, John Cleese and Fay Masterson play the main characters. I refuse the idea of being connected to the Internet for over four hours, so I haven't seen the thing. But you can download it at for 3.95.

From the Southern Pampas.

Ulysses out.


Hey it´s Coffin Joe here with the latest from the Brazilian film scene . A very special thanks go out this week to our very own spy Captain Cometo for his scoops on " Eu , Tu , Eles " , Walter Salles and John Malkovich . Visit Captain Cometo´s site at : .

Let´s get to the news .

-After its succesful run at Cannes " Eu , Tu , Eles " from director Andrucha Waddington , about a woman married to three husbands , had a premiere in Salvador , Bahia , being shown in two separate screens only for the local press .

-Captain Cometo placed a call to Walter Salles´ people and he got a few interesting answers . First , as soon as Walter came back from abroad he asked his P.R. not to let the press get in touch with him , because he wants to concentrate on the film " Broken April " which is about to start rolling in the next weeks . Mr.Salles will start the press junket stuff on " Broken April " around September ; as for the Miramax pic , " Assuption of a Virgin " , they say despite all the things everyone heard , it hasn´t been given the green light .

-For those of you who are interested in the current situation of the Brazilian cinema hop on over to : , to see everything about the film industry down here , all written on a document that was the result of the third Brazilian Film Congress , which happened in Porto Alegre from June 28th until July 1st . It´s all in Portuguese ( sorry ) . was mentioned in a recent article of the website as a great source of info for unreleased films . Neat .

-The 2nd Semana do Cinema : Brazil & Independentes ( *The 2nd week of cinema : Brazil & Indies ) started last Saturday here in São Paulo , giving people a look at some indie films ( Brazilian and foreign ) that haven´t yet hit the local theatres . Among the films showcased we have " Garagem Olimpo " from Argentinean director Marco Bechis ( which won awards at the CineCeará Festival and at the Havana Festival in Cuba ) ; " Quase Nada " from Brazilian director Sérgio Rezende ( which deals with rural issues in Brazil ) ; a documentary about life in the slums of Recife called " O Rap do Pequeno Príncipe contra as Almas Sebosas " from directors Paulo Caldas and Marcelo Luna ; and to everyone´s delight at midnight they screened " Maldito - O Estranho Mundo de José Mojica Marins " a documentary about our beloved Coffin Joe by the guys who wrote his biography as well Ivan Finotti and André Barcinski .


-John Malkovich has been in Equador for the last fifteen days shooting a movie called " Passos de Baile " , and he has been the hot topic of the local press in the last few days .

That´s it for me , see you all next week . And send news to my South American Offices here in Sao Paulo.

Coffin Joe says : bye .

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  • July 11, 2000, 2:35 a.m. CST

    I am sorry to hear that

    by GravyAkira


  • July 11, 2000, 4:37 a.m. CST

    just wanted to share

    by pogo on my own

    I remember these two big scary bastards that I would always see when i was working at the Lincoln. They would always show up way early and you couldnt miss them in the lobby two big creepy lookin fellas. Funny how back then I really thought these guys looked like a couple of loosers but now I have to admit That I am a fan. Thanks for all the information you have given to me in the last 2 years.

  • July 11, 2000, 6:30 a.m. CST


    by Smilin'Jack Ruby

    I am more excited about the movie Malkovich is directing right now "The Dancer in the Dark" than almost any other movie being made.

  • July 11, 2000, 7:01 a.m. CST

    Thanks for all the news

    by FIRPO

    I find these international reports, ESPECIALLY Latin-AICN worth the price of admission alone. Well, even if there was admission! They are a valuable part of the site, and of great interest to me. I am happy to see Latin-AICN continue to grow and if I ever get back from this extended stay al norte I will do my best to contribute. Saludos, Genghis, Saludos Lobo, y saludos Tio Harry! Thanks for making this site so vital! The Nuns with Guns make great wallpaper by the way. !From the nosehole!

  • July 11, 2000, 11:41 a.m. CST


    by Ppedro

    Hey , do you steal scoops between you guys, because first of all the movie John malkovich is doing is called "the dancer upstairs" and lobo mantioned on one of his reports that he was going to do some filming in Quito,Ecuador. So what else is new , don't you guys check the reports you did before so you don't post same stuff. Changing the subject, I really like the movie "LOS OLVIDADOS" , I recomend it to all of you talkbackers is great. P.S. What about some spanish in the column..

  • July 11, 2000, 5:05 p.m. CST


    by Smilin'Jack Ruby

    Meant to say "The Dancer Upstairs." The script (about the Shining Path) is one of the most subtle and vicious around. It kicks major, major ass.