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Disney Sets Out to Ruin the Theatrical Experience with iPad-Friendly Screenings of THE LITTLE MERMAID!

Hey guys! Horrorella here...

It looks like we can all thank Disney for the latest affront to movie-watching as we know it. They are currently unrolling a plan for an interactive theatrical screening of THE LITTLE MERMAID. Through the "Second Screen" experience, audience members are invited to download an app and bring their phones, tablets and whatever the hell else they want that has a brightly glowing screen and has no business at all in a theater and interact with the film through games, sing-alongs and a dozen other activities that will ensure that your child will never ever be trained to sit still and be quiet for 90 minutes straight.

The crazy thing is, the whole "Second Screen" thing doesn't sound like a completely terrible idea, in the right context. It sounds like it could be a fun addition to home theater viewing when your kid has popped in the Blu-ray for the 42nd time in a row and spends most of the runtime ignoring the movie anyway.

But I am a firm believer that phones, tablets, etc. have no place whatsoever in a theatrical setting, and I'm sure there's probably at least a few of you out there who agree with me. And I know this will inevitably kick off the argument of allowing these devices in specifically sanctioned theaters, but my stance is firmly that if you want to do that shit, do it at home.

Check out the trailer below. It shows a bit about what the app and the "Second Screen" experience will entail. What do you guys think?



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