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BACK TO THE FUTURE (And HOWARD THE DUCK's) Lea Thompson Joins Nic Cage In That LEFT BEHIND Movie From An Interesting Director!!

Lew Thompson


Lea Thompson, so very smart and hot in the BACK TO THE FUTURE films and so very unfortunate in the HOWARD THER DUCK movie, has joined the cast of a new bigscreen adaptation of the Jerry B. Jenkins / Tim LaHaye book series LEFT BEHIND.  We’ve previously learned Nicolas Cage will star.  

Thompson will play the wife of Cage's character. She warns her family of the coming apocalypse, but ultimately ends up pushing them even further away.

...says THIS piece over at THR. Set in a post-rapture world in which those not taken from Earth must figure out what comes next and why, LEFT BEHIND was previously turned into a movie starring GROWING PAINS’ Kirk Cameron back in 2000.

Jordin Sparks and William Ragsdale (Charlie in the original FRIGHT NIGHT films!) will also star in this new version, which is being helmed by Vic Armstrong - a legendary stuntman and a highly accomplished 2nd Unit (or Action Unit) director on titles like MIRACLE, I AM LEGEND, THOR, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, HENRY V, ROB ROY, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, and much more. Between his stunt work and directing work, his rather astonishing. Armstrong also helmed segments of THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES.





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