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Ellen Page to get her cloak and dagger on as an international spy in QUEEN & COUNTRY!

Papa Vinyard here, and I got somethin' for ya...


Through with playing second fiddle to older A-listers as Kitty Pride in the X-MEN flicks, it seems that Ellen Page has finally landed her own solo comic-book franchise. Variety has announced that Page is in talks to head up Fox's QUEEN & COUNTRY, based on the series written by Greg Rucka. She would play Tara Chase, a haunted British operative who is forced to go solo on her latest world-saving mission when her identity is outed to her enemies.


In the six years since her mainstream breakout in JUNO, Page has struggled to find a role as eye-grabbing as that titular pregnant wiseass. She's been working consistently, and in high-profile appearances like INCEPTION, TO ROME WITH LOVE, and even her own leading lady gig in Drew Barrymore's WHIP IT, but none of those roles have been real attention grabbers for her (her role in INCEPTION, for example, is a distracting detriment from the impact of the film for me). This could be the role that really defines her potential as an actress, as well as bolstering her popularity with the younger generation that she's eschewed by choosing films like SMART PEOPLE and THE EAST over TWILIGHT-themed romances and the like.


She's got the spunk, the sense of humor, and the indie cred to really make this an interesting take on a young female spy movie. Now let's see who they attach as a director.


Of course, Page getting her hero freak on reminds many of us less of X-MEN than something else...


-Vincent Zahedi
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