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This Breaking Bad Complete Blu-Ray Set Is Friggin' Awesome!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. If you're a Breaking Bad fan you're probably feeling just like me... wound up tight and ready for the other shoe to drop after last week's amazing fuck-you cliffhanger ending. The series is racing to its finale and that both excites me and makes me horribly sad.

I've never seen anything like the arc they're giving Walter White in television or film. The subtlety to detail as Mr. White transitions from a passive chemistry teacher to one of the most ruthless players in the cutthroat word of drug dealing is more novelistic than traditionally shown in narrative television.

Here's the genius of that show: it can be subtle, it can tackle literary-style characterization, but it does it all in a fun way. The series is shrouded in ambiguity, but the hook is firmly in the drama between the characters, not a JJ Abrams/Damon Lindelof mystery box of crazy plot twists. I'm hooked because of the White family, Jesse Pinkman, Hank and Marie, Saul Goodman, Mike, Gus Fring, Tio Salamanca and every other character, both minor and major.

So, while I'm preparing to grieve one of the most consistently amazing shows I've ever watched I find a little solace in this amazing Blu-Ray complete series set that was announced today.

Not only does it include Blu-Rays for every season, including this final season, and all the special features released before it also has a 2 hour documentary focused solely on the final season. Vince Gilligan reportedly worked very closely with Sony on this set. All the discs sit in a replica money barrel and you get some goodies like a Vince Gilligan-designed challenge coin, a Los Pollos Hermanos apron and a booklet.

If there was ever a show to splurge on and own for the sake of posterity it's Breaking Bad. The set will be released November 26th. Pre-order is available now.

Now let me get back to working to soothe that ulcer given to me by yesterday's tense as hell ending...

-Eric Vespe
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