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Cool Concept Art Of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Klingons + Controversy Surrounds The Film's Upcoming Blu-ray/DVD Release!!

There’s a whopping kerfuffle right now regarding the distribution of extras on the upcoming STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Blu-rays - seems The Powers That Be have decided to spread already generated extras  across multiple retailers as ‘exclusives’  - meaning...there’s no way to buy one Blu-ray with the whole kit and kaboodle of extras in-tact (at least not here in the US). 

If you want all the extras for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, you’ll have to buy a set from Best Buy and Target and get the extras on the iTunes download, etc.  And this practice...quite major wang.  It’s aggressively consumer unfriendly, is crassly disrespectful of the fans, does nothing at all to foster film making enthusiasts, and undercuts the innate value of the physical product in question.  The mighty and awesome Bill Hunt over at Digital Bits has a fantastic piece about the matter HERE.  Definitely worth a look if you collect home videos - as a perpetuation of this trend could be hugely alarming and problematic.  Says Bill: 

More than half of the special features created for Star Trek Into Darkness were used by Paramount’s marketing team as retailer exclusives.

Read AICN's Monty Cristo's thoughts on the matter HERE.  

I mention all of this again because the material below is the kind of material which could well appear on a proper extras package.  Whether or not it’s evident on the controversial domestic release of STID (I don’t believe it is), the supremely talented and very cool seeming Nevill Page has brought a ton of INTO DARKNESS character art online over at his website.  Much of the work presented seems to center around the Klingons which appeared in the film. 




It’s an interesting look at the design evolution of the species as seen in STID - a species we’ve heard repeatedly could well plat a more significant role in the third Abramsverse TREK movie.  

Page was also Lead Concept Artist on TRON LEGACY, a Concept Artist on PROMETHEUS, the Lead Creature Designer on AVATAR, a Costume Illustrator on SUPERMAN RETURNS, and much more.  His work on some of these films is represented on the site’s PORTFOLIO section.  

The STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS stuff can be found HERE - the afore-mentioned STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Blu-ray & DVDs hit September 10.





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