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Warner Brothers replaces Barry Sonnenfeld with David Green on the Dwayne Johnson-starring graphic novel adaptation, LORE!!!

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THR is reporting that Warner Brothers are closing in on a deal to replace Barry Sonnenfeld with David Green as director on the planned adaptation of the graphic novel, LORE. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is currently signed to star in the film which is described as “MEN IN BLACK-like”.

Now, this isn’t David Gordon Green. This David Green has only completed one film to date, and that is the low-budget sci-fi film, ECHO. Originally, Disney owned the rights to ECHO, but they could not figure out how to release it and so it sat on the shelf. I have no idea if this is due to the film's quality, content, both, or something else entirely. Disney eventually sold it to Relativity though, who is planning on releasing it, January 10th, 2014. We will then have a better idea on if this is a good move or not but January is typically a dumping ground for studios so I am a little worried. 

This is surprising though, as WB is going from an experienced and well-regarded director like Barry Sonnenfeld (who also directed the movie they are hoping to emulate in MEN IN BLACK) to an inexperienced, unproven director, who has had trouble getting his first film released. THR reports that WB is positioning this as a potential tentpole and the casting of Dwayne Johnson as the lead backs that up, so this is a big risk vs. reward scenario.

Here is Amazon’s description of the graphic novel:

In times past, the world was full of mythical creatures - creatures long since banished and held at bay by the secret society of Shepherds. But when the generational line of Shepherds is broken, a reluctant hero finds her life threatened from every quarter. And the creatures are coming back... Now, IDW presents LORE: The Complete Edition, written by T.P. Louise and acclaimed artist Ashley Wood. Primarily a prose tale, Wood provides panel and spot illustrations that help bring this story to life. 

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