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KICKSTARTER update on 2nd Season of AIN'T IT COOL With Harry Knowles!!!


Hey folks, Harry here…  I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been waiting to be able to answer some pretty elementary questions about the Second Season of AIN’T IT COOL with Harry Knowles.


We’re basically asking for 1/3rd of what we had to do the First Season on.  Of course the primary set is built, but the ceiling needs to be shored up, the teleporter’s mechanics need to be worked on. 


The biggest difference between 1st & 2nd season is the type of show we’re trying to do.  Initially when we started the KICKSTARTER we were thinking about 10 minute shows, but recent interests by a TV distributor has us restructuring for 24 minute (Half Hour Shows) that will be available on TV as well as the Web.  We’ve been working overtime to be able to announce this before the KICKSTARTER is over – and believe me, we’re sweating that ticking clock, but emboldened by the challenge ahead of us.


I’m told that I’ll get to announce it this week, possibly tomorrow, but that TV distribution is contingent upon us meeting our Kickstarter goal.   And for that $100k, we’d be able to produce 6 half-hour film shows like nobody’s business.   Our goal is to be able to produce more shows than that on the budget, and while the TV deal isn’t putting money into our budget, it is allowing us to secure sponsorships with a proven distribution model…  and hopefully what you folks KICKSTART will be something we’re able to keep producing.   At least that’s what we’re working on.  And it feels absolutely doable!


This is an ambitious show – and sure, if I wanted to do a Webcam show like I did for SKY MOVIES for years, I could…  but that kind of show doesn’t interest me so much.  Part of the reason our first season was so much fun was the filmmaking and experimenting spirit that the crew and I had going.   With a 24 minute show, we can begin to develop some of the characters of the Basement more… 


You see, being born and raised in Austin, means I grew up watching AUSTIN CITY LIMITS.  My parents took me to shows as a kid, I had dates to shows in College and beyond what you see on the Broadcast – AUSTIN CITY LIMITS has really brought so many great acts to Austin and created so many great memories for not just the locals that attend the tapings, but folks that would never have access to those events… they could follow along on TV.


For the past 17 years here in Austin, I’ve worked with just about every film entity in Austin and thrown great shows that generations of attendees have enjoyed.  This isn’t THE ACTOR’S STUDIO necessarily…  there’s a palpable passion amongst Austin Film lovers for cinema.  Having a studio audience gives us an opportunity to involve the great local film community and show just how amazing they are.


In a second season of the show, we’d be bringing guests to Austin, that otherwise wouldn’t be coming.  I’ve already talked with the AUSTIN FILM SOCIETY about bringing talent to do events at the Marchesa – Austin’s own Cinematheque.   They’re quite excited, and those events would raise further money for the various charities that the Austin Film Society supports.  Having Louis Black now onboard as our Executive Producer – he’s the co-founder of SXSW and the Austin Chronicle and one of the coolest humans to call Austin home.   I’ve known him since he was in College hanging out at my Dad’s house going through pressbooks and watching films.   I was humbled deeply by Louis’ support for our 2nd Season.


He understands that what establishing show like this means for the local community, but really who this show is for isn’t just a local Austinite…   It’s for those movie lovers out there that might be looking for someone not in a suit and a tie…  That gets twitterpated talking about film.   I’m wanting to make the show more of a fun filled exploration of the history & future of cinema.   But to do that I need the freedom to truly explore the whole of cinema, to bring guests that may not drive clicks, but whom must be captured on camera sharing their amazing stories and talent. 


Later today, I’m going to record a quick webcam explaining why those particular autographed in Person stills from PITCH BLACK are supremely cool.   As for those of you worried about the IRS issues from that HOLLYWOOD REPORTER issue – AICN has been solvent and happy since before that issue hit the stands.   The key interviews were done in December, when we knew we were going to be getting on the other side of the issues briefly, thus we were comfortable discussing the emergency with THR.  


However, even if AICN had problems that still existed, myself and AICN can’t touch the funds that this KICKSTARTER is raising simply because it is a completely different company founded by my partners on the show:  Brett A Hart, Suzette Soucie and Jaime Gallagher.


Each episode of the 2nd Season would have a whole lot more care and planning placed into the episode.  Working to make it more of an event.  We’ll be able to do that by focusing on putting guests together for each episode and working to have the time to really polish these episodes.   When I taped a special episode of Roger Ebert’s AT THE MOVIES, it was the Cult Movie Show, Roger told me it was one of his very favorite episodes of Television that he ever taped.   Getting to introduce people to cinema they may not know – it’s more important than ever today.   With Streaming becoming all the rage – you have access to so much amazing material – the dream of this show is to make you giddy to explore every corner of film that is available to us.


But that’s not going to happen if we don’t reach our goal.   This big ol road hump is all there is between us and a show that anyone with a TV or Computer could watch free of charge.   A show you can watch with your Grandparents or Grandkids because my mouth is fully washed for this season.  


If you have a blog, a tumbler, a Facebook wall, a Pinterest or a Twitter account – we are counting on you spreading the word and help make this season the start of something… wonderful!  We need everyone that can to dig deep and help us hit this goal.  


Every day between now and end of the Kickstarter I’ll be posting – to the supporters of this show… BLESS YOU.  I hope I get to do this show for all of you and to the critics of this KICKSTARTER, thanks for beating the drum of anarchy.  You’re the reason we work so hard.   We want to prove you wrong and show you what we can do.   That those sketches we did for the first season, it was a training ground for what we can pull off for this second season.   Keep yelling & screaming…  and realize, if this gets financed you get to yell at me all year long, isn’t that worth a bit of scratch?  Giggle. 

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