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Can Vin Save The Cute Little Space Puppy In This New Clip From RIDDICK!?!?

From Yahoo Movies comes a clip from RIDDICK, opening in standard theaters and IMAX next week.  

The footage finds our favorite Furian and his space puppy facing off against - a big, ugly, loud motherfucker.  

Early word from Vin Diesel’s Facebook page is that Universal execs were aglow about this film after a recent screening, and horny to make a fourth installment - which Diesel identifed as being Underverse centric (a call back to THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK).   So if we show up for this one, more Riddick in our future seems almost assured.  I’d love to see that happen. 

I'm guessing the doglet in this clip grows up to be the beast glimpsed in some concept art from the film a while back?  


RIDDICK concept art  




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