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Chadwick Boseman Feeeeels Good to be playing James Brown for Mick Jagger & Universal!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Personally, I loved Chadwick Boseman's turn as JACKIE ROBINSON...  but man....  if Boseman has the talent to pull of a young James Brown...  HOLY SHIT, that'd be amazing.   We've all been amazed by older James Brown and his incandescent energy upon the stage.  From BLUES BROTHERS to ROCKY IV - James Brown never failed to turn up the heat.   Here's what Mike Fleming, who broke the story had to say about the scope of the story that Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger are producing for UNIVERSAL:

Universal signed on recently. The story charts a young boy’s rise from extreme poverty and violence to become The Godfather Of Soul, one of the most influential black artists in history whose career spanned six decades.

Tate Taylor, director of THE HELP, will be the director to transfer Boseman into the Godfather of Soul!  I just want behind the scenes of Mick showing Boseman some moves... right?   Giggle.   To fire you up, let's take a look at these great moments of Jim Brown blowing it up!


Alright, Mr. Boseman has some fast shoes to fill! I wish him the best!

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