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In Chicago? AICN HORROR Contest: Ambush Bug has tickets to go see SATURDAY MORNING MYSTERY this Friday night/Saturday Morning and wants to give them to YOU!

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Greetings, all. Ambush Bug here with a special contest for loyal AICN HORROR readers in the Chicago area. This weekend, the Music Box Theater in Chicago will be playing SATURDAY MORNING MYSTERY (reviewed here, formerly SATURDAY MORNING MASSACRE) at midnight on both Friday and Saturday nights. The movie is directed by Spencer Parsons who will be in attendance to introduce the movie and I have five pairs of tickets for the midnight show on Friday August 30th!

SATURDAY MORNING MYSTERY is one of my favorites to be released over the last year (it’s even got my quote on the DVD box). It’s about a group of meddlesome kids who go around in a van trying to solve mysteries. There’s a nerdy girl, a pretty blonde, a sporty hunk, and a hipster with a dog…sound familiar? Well, this is no Saturday morning cartoon as things get bloody and spooky quickly. The film is a fun homage to Scooby Doo with a whole lot of blood and scares thrown in and has all the makings of a fun midnight show!

If you’d like to go, all you have to do is write me an email telling me your favorite Scooby Doo episode and why in a short 100-150 word message and you could be one of the five lucky folks to win of a pair of tickets for the midnight show.

Sticking with Capone’s rules of contests, if you think there’s a chance you won’t be able to make it due to sickness, work, pregnancy, drunken binge, earthbound or alien catastrophe, or serial killer shenanigans, do not enter for if you do and don’t show up, you won’t be eligible for future screenings and it looks like I might have a few more of these fun little horror events coming up in the coming months.

Best of luck to you all and even if you don’t win (winners will be posted later in the week), check out SATURDAY MORNING MYSTERY this weekend at the Music Box Theater in Chicago, on Video On Demand, or on DVD!

Below is the trailer for the film.

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