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AICN Austin's YOU'RE NEXT screening this Thursday - Don't Miss It... or you're next!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I've had the worst possible luck seeing YOU"RE NEXT.  I have been plagued with schedule conflicts time after time - and yet friends constantly go nuts about it to me.  I'm curious about the Animal masks, how the home invasion stuff plays out... but mainly...  I'm dying to see AJ Bowen and Barbara Crampton in this.  Frankly though - I'm just so excited to finally be seeing this sucker!  I'm also excited to see it play domestically, because with the success rate that horror has had this summer, I expect everyone to get out there and support this flick.  

We're doing the screening on August 22nd, this Thursday, at the Highland Galaxy here in Austin.   It's first come, first served via the email entry process - and you can list up to 5 friends to join you.  We'll even have some Animal Masks to give out (no idea how many)  I hear this thing is scary as hell, so I figure you should be able to come with your horror buddies.   Now here's how you get in...

Send an email to HK at with the following subject line:

I want an Animal Mask or YOU'RE NEXT!!!

Then, in the body of the email - just list the full names of yourself and your guests (up to 5)

I'll email winners back tomorrow!!!

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