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Wendy, you got a big surprise coming to you. Go check out The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day and you'll see what I mean. Go check it out!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Pic!

I want to start out today's column by giving all you regular readers a hand. The talkback for the last image, from Bogart's Dark Passage, really bowled me over. It was a real film discussion where everybody was excitedly sharing their childhood joys of discovering classic films and giving enthusiastic advice on movies to seek out. There was some smart-ass in there, but good natured smart-ass. It was a refreshing read. I wish much of the site's talkback would be as civil and geeky as they regularly are for this column. So, thank you all for sharing your unbridled movie geekery.

Today's image is from Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining. I've been going through a whole lot of old movie magazines recently (thanks to a generous donation from my buddy Matthew Kiernan-@HQ10 on Twitter-) and the amount of bile spewed on The Shining from supposedly big movie fan rags upon release is baffling. I mean, I knew it wasn't well-received, but actually reading these reviews and pre-release hit-pieces on the movie takes it to a whole other level.

I'm a big Stephen King fan and love the novel to death. I also love Kubrick's film. It's not the book, but to deny that it's a masterfully made horror film that gets under your skin with the very first frame and stays there for 2 hours just seems willfully ignorant to me.

Today's pic is a continuity polaroid taken during the filming of the sequence in which Jack Torrance is locked up in the food pantry. You can see Stanley hanging with Jack and the mess of peanut butter, crackers and oreos that he's been snacking on while incarcerated. This shot came from the great Shining fan site The Overlook Hotel, which is run by Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich. Enjoy!



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Tomorrow’s behind the scenes pic is killin' me, Smalls!

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