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Behold The Loony Wonder Of The SHAUN OF THE DEAD And HOT FUZZ Interactive Scripts!!



Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg in Austin

To complement the recently released SHAUN OF THE DEAD Interactive Script comes, naturally, the HOT FUZZ Interactive Script.  Both are, naturally, written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg.  

SHAUN can be found HERE, while FUZZ can be found HERE.  These are super-cool...interactively so!  They can be seen on the sites linked herein, or downloaded as PDFs.  

I find the timing of these releases a tad ironic, as I was recently fortunate enough to behold SHAUN, FUZZ, and THE WORLD’S END all back-to-back all seriousness...found myself genuinely curious as to how such crazed and imaginative movies actually looked on paper.  

These are interesting reads and compelling insights into the minds of some wildly imaginative filmmakers - worth checking out if you’re Pegg/Wright fans, or simply wanna see how some awesome and produced screenplays evolved from script to screen. 




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