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The Doctor's TARDIS Spotted On Google Maps!! But What's He Up To??

This one’s short, sweet, and totally awesome:  

Seems the Doctor’s TARDIS is absolutely real and can be found on Google Maps.  There’s even a panable interior view to prove it!  

I KNEW it! 


You can jump to the TARDIS HERE - clicking the double arrows pointing into the “police call box” will access the interior 360 degree view.  

TARDIS spotted on Google Maps (DOCTOR WHO)

There’s been some speculation regarding exactly how all of this came to pass - my very strong suspicion is that the Doctor himself leaked the image on Google Maps as a way to bait some dastardly opponent to an epic final conflict.  Or, perhaps he seeded the info on Google Maps to see who’d find it, and whomever actually goes to investigate will become his next ‘companion’? Or perhaps he parked there to run in for some frozen yogurt?  Or to dumpster dive that pile of crap on the sidewalk next to the TARDIS?  

The mind reels with possibilities.  A tip of the hat to Jalopnik for initially calling our attention to this.  




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