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Joel Edgerton may refuse to let Christian Bale's people go as Ramses in Ridley Scott's EXODUS!

Papa Vinyard here, and I got somethin' for ya...


Ridley Scott's Old Testament flick, formerly titled MOSES, has had Christian Bale on board as the titular staff-wielding prophet for a few months now. Today, THR reports that the production has found the actor to square off against Bale as Ramses, and it's Joel Edgerton. The up-and-coming actor is in talks to play the legendarily oppressive Pharaoh in 20th Century Fox's upcoming production, now entitled EXODUS, that will shoot in September using Steve Zaillian's most current draft.


This would be the promising actor's first collaboration with Bale, or Scott for that matter, and it'll be his biggest test yet to stand tall with those mighty British talents. He's been a casting favorite for years, but his most prolific roles thus far have been in less-than-blockbusters like WARRIOR, ZERO DARK THIRTY, and, in a part perhaps most similar to his EXODUS role, THE GREAT GATSBY. This could be the showy, big-budget highlight of his skills that GATSBY almost was, and may finally elevate him to the A-list when it comes out in over a year. Like many, I became a fan after ANIMAL KINGDOM, and I hope this is the American feature that finally uses the actor to his optimal effect. If anyone can coax the best he's got out of him, it's Christian Bale and Ridley Scott.


EXODUS is prepping for a September shoot, and will probably release at an awards-friendly date in late 2014.

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