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Saoirse Ronan Fights To Survive World War III In New Trailer For Kevin Macdonald's HOW I LOVE NOW!


Beaks here...

For a moment there, I thought this trailer for HOW I LIVE NOW was selling us the YA version of TESTAMENT, the relentlessly depressing 1983 drama about a family slowly dying from radiation sickness in the wake of World War III. That would've been bold. Instead, the nuclear war aspect is just a springboard for a survival yarn about a family fighting to reunite as the world goes straight to hell.

HOW I LIVE NOW is directed by Kevin Macdonald, who's best known for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND and the U.S. remake of STATE OF PLAY. There are four screenwriters receiving unofficial credit on the IMDb page, which seems excessive. The film opens in the U.K. on October 18, 2013, and has yet to set a U.S. release date.


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