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Vin Diesel is GROOT at GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY & a report from the set in London from Almost The Doctor!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - and Vin Diesel (most famously as the voice of the Iron Giant, giggle) is now the voice of Groot... or at least that's what we are being led to believe from Vin Diesel's personal FACEBOOK page, where he posted with no explanation the following image:

Then we got this from Almost The Doctor in London, his personal pics from the set of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on the Millenium Bridge across the Thames in London. I'm sure it was being used for the bridge surface and the folks and will be inserted into a very alien locale... cuz, I don't think they're making GUARDIANS in the far flung future. Here's Almost The Doctor:

Greetings Harry,


I am in London doing research for my doctoral dissertation.  The archives are closed on Sundays, so I figured I would go into the city and see what was happening.  What a great day it turned out to play tourist because they had just started filming Guardians of the Galaxy on the Millennium Bridge.  They had closed the bridge in the early morning for filming, which I missed, but then it was also closed intermittently in the later morning while I was there.  I asked around about why the bridge was shut and got a few mumbled answers about “some sci-fi film.”  Finally I got chatting to one of crew members, who let the movie’s title slip.


Around ten or so they closed of the bridge and surrounding area to us normal folks and proceeded to film a crowd running scene.  The cast wandered along the bridge and on cue ran for their lives from something; I am guessing CGI magic to be added later.  They were filming the same scene from various angles from helicopters overhead.  Quite dynamic shots from both the side swooping in and following the running crowd from right above.  I would say they did about four or five takes on this scene, after which I heard over one of their radios that they were moving to the next set.


The shooting cast included about fifty to seventy people.  Most of them were humans who were dressed as futuristic civilians, with a few space military looking folks mixed in.  There were also a few aliens.  The first type of aliens were blue, yellow, or red in color, with simple face and body paint.  The second type of aliens looked far cooler.  They were tall, and had a full facial prosthetic.  I did not see any cast or characters I recognized, and from the filming it seemed like second unit shots with extras, but I am not all that familiar with the original Guardians comic.


Once they had finished the scene they reopened the bridge.  Luck would have it that as I walked across the bridge I was able to get some photos of the various cast make their way back over the river to get back to the staging area.

If you use this, call me Almost the Doctor…



I'm dying to see this film!  Vin is perfect as Groot!  I love Groot, technically he predates the Marvel Silver Age Hero universe...   Appearing as the Monarch of Planet X in the early days of TALES TO ASTONISH, but then was put into mothballs until he was planted amongst the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY - in a less menacing and more heroic version.   GROOT is a major fan favorite for those of us that dig the Guardians.   This will rule!

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