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D23: FINDING DORY adds to its cast and we have some story details!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

Straight from D23, we also have some FINDING DORY news. This is obviously a sequel to 2003’s FINDING NEMO and will revolve around the search for Dory’s family. I am again, going to let Quint take it away, as he is there right now:

I was a fan of FINDING NEMO but it isn’t one of my favorite Pixar films and with it looking like Albert Brooks won’t be the main character and instead it being Ellen DeGeneres’ Dory, I am not particularly excited for this. Not to mention, director Andrew Stanton’s comments to the LA Times (via Rope Of Silicon) where he said:

“There was polite inquiry from Disney [about a Finding Nemo sequel]," says Stanton, also a vice president at Pixar. "I was always 'No sequels, no sequels.' But I had to get on board from a VP standpoint. [Sequels] are part of the necessity of our staying afloat, but we don't want to have to go there for those reasons. We want to go there creatively, so we said [to Disney], 'Can you give us the timeline about when we release them? Because we'd like to release something we actually want to make, and we might not come up with it the year you want it.”

So it looks like this sequel came more from a financial place than a creative one, but Pixar has their reputation for a reason and I will remain cautiously optimistic for this. Again, Quint will have more later so stay tuned.

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